Wednesday, December 28, 2005

narnia aside

Joys That Sting
by C.S. Lewis, presumably after the early death of his wife.

"Oh doe not die," says Donne, "for I shall hate
All women so." How false this sentence rings.
Women? But in a life made desolate
It is the joys once shared that have the stings.

To take the old walks alone, or not at all,
To order one pint where I ordered two,
To think of, and then not make, the small
Time-honoured joke (senseless to all but you);

To laugh (oh, one'll laugh), to talk upon
Themes that we talked upon when you were there,
To make some poor pretence of going on,
Be kind to one's old friends, and seem to care,

While no one (O God) through the years will say
The simplest, common word in just your way.

-got this from little-bunny's.

sigh. even my dad has joined the fray.

what would you do if your dad introduced you this way:

"this is tina. my youngest daughter. she's a lawyer. she's single. so if you have any friends who are as beautiful as she is..."

suffice it to say that i walked out that time.

everybody's out to get me attached. why?

Monday, December 26, 2005

swung by little-bunny's

Sat on your rooftop?
uh-huh. every chance i get.

Kissed someone in the rain?
ummm.yep. :)

Danced in a public place?
groceries, sidewalks, restaurants... any place with enough space.

Smiled for no reason?
most definitely.

Laughed so hard you cried?
yes yes yes.

Written a song?
do lyrics count?

Sang to someone for no reason?

Performed on a stage?
back when i was still cross-eyed and stupid.

Talked to someone you don't know?

Made out in a theater?

Gone roller skating since 8th grade?

Been in love?
yeth yeth yeth!


Say HI to you?
ate kay.

Tell you, I love you?
secret. :)

Kissed you?
him. the one.

Hug you?
anna b. before she left for the beach.

Tell you BYE?
him. the one. go figure.

Write you a note?
does "return call to HR" count?

Take your photo?
our in-house super photographer tom. (see below)

Call your cell phone?

Buy you something?

Go with you to the movies?
tibibord. king kong.

Sing to you?

Write a poem about you?

Text message you?
reyna. she's going back to sleep.


Time you laughed?
last night before bed.

Time you cried?
this morning.

Movie you watched?
king kong

Joke you told?
too long to type. i'm lazy. something about pugad baboy.

Song you've sang?

Time you've looked at the clock?
8:51 am

Drink you've had?
hot chocolate.

Number you've dialed?
abigail's number

Book you've read?
the curious incident of the dog in the night time

Food you've eaten?

Flavor of gum chewed?

Shoes you've worn?
kedsport sneakers

Store you've been in?
i don't remember. the past days have been hazy.

Thing you've said?
please dial again


Write with both hands?

like a pro.

Blow a bubble?

Roll your tounge in a circle?

Cross your eyes?
who can't?

Touch your tounge to your nose?



Stay up a whole night without sleep?
yes. i'd be telling crazy jokes or crying by 5 am

Speak a different language?
do dialiects count?

Impersonate someone?
yeah. many someones.

Prank call people?
every now and then to keep my skills honed.

Make a card pyramid?
never tried

Cook anything?


If i were ...
any crazier, i'd be in the loony bin.

I wish ...
i were 2 inches taller. just 2.

So many people don't know that ...
i like musicals.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

while waiting for christmas dinner...

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

and then there were four.

i posted this earlier this year. like i said, it was the first time in 10 years that the six of us would be together again.

one sister is living in the US. currently there are five of us in the philippines.

and next year there will only be four.

Monday, December 19, 2005

i don't like you...

.... you're ugsome!

new word. :D


sometimes, when all is said and done, it all boils down to ego.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

my baby's married...

she's a couple of years older than i am but she's always been my baby. i was always considered the more responsible one, and i tried to be as responsible as possible... well most of the time.

yesterday she tied the knot and i felt a tiny twinge of sadness at the thought that she isn't my responsibility anymore. but looking at her so happy made me feel better. i was turning her over to better hands.

yesterday she confirmed what i have always known... she will be a beautiful bride. she was.

congratulations to you and dennis. love you. :)