Saturday, April 30, 2005

taking things slow

well here i am back in baguio after all the brouhaha of the past few weeks. it's all been a blur-- celebrating with people, trying to work, catching up on my reading, still trying to work...

attended the oath-taking yesterday. with a hangover. :( so let me put a new date on my april 9 post. make that april 29. :)

my mind is mercifully empty this morning. thank god for small blessings. will post again later.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

hearing double

had my longest encounter ever with a pair of identical twins today. my friend's twin is back to stay and it was the first time we've met.

it was like being in the twilight zone. i don't ever recall being with identical twins at the same time. all my cousins were fraternal twins.

anyway, their faces were easily distinguishable. they look exactly alike but there are marked differences in expressions. but when i turned my back and they started talking, it was like being with someone who was having a conversation with himself.

weird. but highly interesting. the bond they share is apparent. i was almost envious.

i used to fantasize that i had a twin sister or brother and we were just separated at birth. then we'll meet again some day and find out that we had parallel experiences all through our lives. you know, the stuff that disney movies are made of.

sigh. sometimes being a single birth is lonely.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

now this is original

talked to my sister's friend last night. she said a friend of hers saw our picture together. the friend said i have a nice ambience.

ambience. hmmm. last time i checked this was NOT applicable to humans. maybe i'm wrong.

either that, or i've gotten so big i've become a place to them. sigh.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


yes, that is exactly how i felt the whole day. the guy in charge of the floor in the office refuses to lower the thermostat in the office. they claim that they're trying to test if the air conditioners can actually maintain a temperature below 27 degrees centigrade in the office.

27 freakin degrees???? do they have any idea how hot that is? where i come from, the maximum i've ever encountered was 26 degrees, and we considered that sweltering already.

and they want us to stay in our itchy office clothes and calmly work in the heat like there was nothing wrong.

i've been barely functional the whole day.

sigh. the moon is smiling outside my window and it's a cool evening, thank heavens.

will watch moon.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

this is all i have to say

i'm a lawyer now. :)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

coffee fix

i smell good enough to drink.

had a body scrub which involved vanilla and coffee. after smelling of horse the whole day (went horseback riding), it was sheer heaven.

slightly invasive though. i wouldn't recommend it to the prudish types.

i feel so clean and soft and i smell so good. sigh. if only.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

my poor butt

tuesday found us travelling to pagudpud, a town in ilocos norte. the water is clear (except for some parts which have a lot of seaweed) and the sand is almost pristine. the whole family was there which made it better.

the only problem was it took us 9 hours to get there. but then, it was worth it.

we swam and ate lobsters and bought bracelets and basically just lazed around. (and gained pounds in the process) we went snorkelling but saw nothing because the winds were so strong and the boatmen didn't bring us to the lagoon. i saw 20 bucks though. i decided i like snorkelling. must do that again.

thursday afternoon we were on our way back to baguio. the trip, including meals and stops took all of 10 hours. got to baguio around midnight. rested for an hour the i was on the road again, to pick up my sister from the airport. her flight was arriving at 9:55.

we got to manila at 7 am. i took a shower and just lay on my bed for 5 minutes. just so my body could remember what a bed felt like. then we were off to the airport.

my sister was out by 11. then we headed straight to baguio. the trip was looooong. and hot. the aircon conked out somewhere in tarlac. golly. open windows. i felt so dirty and oily. ugh.

got home around 6:30.

how many hours of travelling? you do the math.

and i'm going back to manila tomorrow. sigh.

ah, but it's been all worth it.