Saturday, April 23, 2005

hearing double

had my longest encounter ever with a pair of identical twins today. my friend's twin is back to stay and it was the first time we've met.

it was like being in the twilight zone. i don't ever recall being with identical twins at the same time. all my cousins were fraternal twins.

anyway, their faces were easily distinguishable. they look exactly alike but there are marked differences in expressions. but when i turned my back and they started talking, it was like being with someone who was having a conversation with himself.

weird. but highly interesting. the bond they share is apparent. i was almost envious.

i used to fantasize that i had a twin sister or brother and we were just separated at birth. then we'll meet again some day and find out that we had parallel experiences all through our lives. you know, the stuff that disney movies are made of.

sigh. sometimes being a single birth is lonely.


  1. Hi Jessie. Unica Hija ka? Yep, even when I have two brothers and two sisters, I also dream about whether I have a twin, because being a middle child has its downside as well :-)

  2. hi watson. :)

    no i'm not an only child, just a single birth. i'm the youngest in a brood of 7. :)

  3. whoops ehehehe. mas marami pa pala kayo sa amin!