Saturday, April 02, 2005

my poor butt

tuesday found us travelling to pagudpud, a town in ilocos norte. the water is clear (except for some parts which have a lot of seaweed) and the sand is almost pristine. the whole family was there which made it better.

the only problem was it took us 9 hours to get there. but then, it was worth it.

we swam and ate lobsters and bought bracelets and basically just lazed around. (and gained pounds in the process) we went snorkelling but saw nothing because the winds were so strong and the boatmen didn't bring us to the lagoon. i saw 20 bucks though. i decided i like snorkelling. must do that again.

thursday afternoon we were on our way back to baguio. the trip, including meals and stops took all of 10 hours. got to baguio around midnight. rested for an hour the i was on the road again, to pick up my sister from the airport. her flight was arriving at 9:55.

we got to manila at 7 am. i took a shower and just lay on my bed for 5 minutes. just so my body could remember what a bed felt like. then we were off to the airport.

my sister was out by 11. then we headed straight to baguio. the trip was looooong. and hot. the aircon conked out somewhere in tarlac. golly. open windows. i felt so dirty and oily. ugh.

got home around 6:30.

how many hours of travelling? you do the math.

and i'm going back to manila tomorrow. sigh.

ah, but it's been all worth it.


  1. Hello Jessie! Uy, I have never been to Pagudpud. They say it's a lovely place, and I'll take your word for it too.

    Yikes, indeed you had the longest time on the road. Hope you'll get enough rest to make it to work.

    I love snorkeling too. Wish it's next year already. We plan to visit the beach next year pa.

  2. hi watson.

    made it to work but am a little tired. you should go to the beach! wag na next year. (ako ang iyong konsensya...)

    have a good day. :)