Monday, March 28, 2005

just a kiss

caught the bottom half of the movie just a kiss last night. i found myself scratching my head in confusion.

first i saw a couple kissing, a colored suicide, then 3 funerals, then marissa tomei coming on to a guy at the last funeral, then the guy giving the girl in the casket a kiss, then that girl came alive then was really dead then everything zoomed back to another scene and everyone was alive again.

sigh. whatever i had been worrying about was pushed to the back burner in an effort to understand what i was watching. finally gave up.

must look for the dvd.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

isang gabi, mahigit isang taon na ang nakalilipas, sumumpa kaming magmahalan hanggang matapos ang walang hanggan. naging saksi ang buwan sa sumpaang ito. nagbigay liwanag at basbas.

ngayon bilog na naman ang buwan at heto akong nag-iisa. nalulungkot.

di nagbabago ang buwan. makalipas ang ilang araw, ito ay nag-iiba ng mukha. subalit bumabalik at bumabalik sa pinagsimulan. paulit ulit.

di gaya ng pagmamahal. lumilipas, pumapanaw. isinasantabi dahil hindi pa panahon.

di ba't kay lungkot?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

what odd creatures humans are

thanks to cbeck's blog. visit this link.

smelly sneakers

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I want this love
Though it hurts me so
I want this love
Can’t let you go
Every moment without you
Reminds me of things
We used to do
Laughing at nothing
Every second worth rejoicing
Sharing our sorrows
And dreams of tomorrow
Loving like it will never end
How quickly you’ve become
My best friend.
Giving you the best of me,
Taking what you give
Wishing for forever
Saying goodbye
Keeping your hand in mine
Convincing myself
We’ll be fine.
I want this love
That hurts with goodnight
That makes me lonely
When you’re out of sight.
I want this love
That makes me feel alive
With every little pain
I feel inside.
So stay close to me,
Stay close and you will see
This pain I have
Is because we loved.

©tina b.
3:08 a.m.
March 8, 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005

gary jams at kwago

Image hosted by

last saturday gary granada sang at kwago bar in baguio city. i didn't take a lot of pictures since i only had my phone with me. it was fun, the crowd was okay (with some boisterous people, but that was okay too), and it didn't rain.

his songs are really good, and his voice makes you feel like all is right in the world.

thanks gary.


speaking of artists like gary, drop by this post.


Friday, March 18, 2005

here's that rainy day

it's gloomy outside. from my seat here by the window i can see the buildings and cars and roads, wet with rain. i know there are sounds out there but from up here i can hardly hear anything.

it's like i'm surrounded by glass, all alone, watching the world get wet. watching the world go by.

i have always loved the rain. there's something so cleansing about it, despite the dirt and chemicals to be found in it. as a child i used to watch the rain water run down the street, bringing debris with it and leaving the pavement clean.

i still do that sometimes when i get the chance.

i digress. back to my glass cage.

i'm lonely. lord knows i've been having my share of late nights and movies and outings and all that. but i'm lonely still.

it's been a month.

maybe it's just the rain. or the cold. or the still empty chairs and tables around me. or maybe i was just on a temporary high this morning from the coffee i drank.

maybe i just miss him. a month.


update on the stupid bank.

on a hunch i checked the website of the bank to see if they have online banking. yep. they do. was able to access my account.

they actually have online banking! oh joy!

so today, i paid a credit card bill and transferred the rest to my sister's account with the same bank (i have her atm).

i wasn't about to let them keep the leftover amount which was less than a hundred pesos. so i paid my phone bill. the staggering amount of 32.87.

i feel so satisfied. :) wipe this gloating smile off my face.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

on the way to conspire

last night renski and i went to conspiracy bar (along visayas avenue).

we got caught in traffic while coming from makati. traffic was BAAAAAD. somewhere along the flyover going to libis we had the same thought. we needed to pee. badly.

first we thought we could make it to the bar without incident. but when we got to katipunan i knew holding it in would be sheer folly. so i told her we'll drop by her apartment.

her apartment was on the 3rd floor and by the time we got there, we were just about ready to burst.

we made it, though. barely.

and i tell you, the relief after was indescribable. if i had to describe it, however, i'd say it was better than sex. yes. better than sex. but only slightly. :) hehehe

now see what you made me do!

i was so pissed about that bank thing that i forgot my blog's birthday yesterday! (or is it anniversary?)

happy birthday/anniversary blog!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

stupid bank

the other day i found out that my atm card can no longer be read by atm units. since i still had about 100 pesos i didn't worry about it so much. i had food, my transpo was taken care of, and i didn't foresee any spending sprees.

however, 100 pesos can only go so far. went to the branch here and told them about my problem. my account is in baguio so i was asking if i could withdraw over the counter here. the guy said yes, but there was a surcharge of 150 pesos. excuse me? handling fee costs that much?

so i said forget about it. he said my card was old and that i should call up my branch because supposedly, i already have a newly issued pre-encoded card since they changes designs already.

asked my sister to call the bank and they said i didn't have a card there because they didn't receive a request from me. but they were the ones who changed cards, right? i shouldn't have to apply for a new one. they said no. i should apply. PERSONALLY.

the stupid idiot my sister was talking to could not comprehend what my sister was patiently explaining. that i was manila based, and that it would be impossible for me to take a leave from work, go up to baguio on a weekday, JUST SO I CAN PERSONALLY APPLY FOR A NEW ATM CARD.

UGH!!!! then they had another suggestion. for me to withdraw my money here, pay the surcharge, close my account and open another account in one of their manila branches.

ano sila, hilo? after subjecting me and my sister to their abject idiocy they expect me to open an account in one of their branches?

ang tanga naman nila.

it's too early in the day for this. sigh.

will go bring my money elsewhere.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

the girls

Image hosted by

why i love my job. :)

oh yeah

jumped to cbeck's blog and saw the link to this.

for my generation which grew up watching transformers, this is a treat. :)

it's got to be one of the coolest, if not the coolest commercial i've ever seen. check it out.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

sleepy sunday

summer is here. the heat is too much.

watching a bird in a cage hanging by the neighbor's window. he just paces to and fro, watching the birds here in the area just flying free. it must suck to be him.

i have half a mind to get a stick and try to open that cage. poor bird.

hate to be him.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

getting morbid after the wedding post

si emman kasi.

1. Am I ready to die?

2. Why?
just feels like it.

3. At what age do I see myself dying?

4. Under what circumstance? What causes me to die?

5. Describe your pain tolerance.
high. really really high.

6. When was the last time I really prayed? What was the content?
new year's day i think. am currently lost.

7. Who will miss me when I die?
my family mostly.

8. If I die today, what will people say about me?
ang ganda pa rin niya. :D

9. How would you like your funeral to be conducted? (e.g. where, under what conditions, color coding and stuff, emotions?)
i'll be in my blue star spangled pajamas. on a bed. no coffin for me. one viewing, then cremate me. can you get parokya ni edgar to hold a concert?

10. Who do you want to handle your body (pertaining to who would clean your body and embalm)? How would you want your body taken care of?
ugh. bahala na sila. basta cremate din ako gaya ni emman. tapos ihalo ang ashes ko sa kape at ipainom sa bisita. so i will forever be part of you.... (insert EVIL LAUGHTER here)

11. Name at least 3 persons you would not want to go ahead of you.
this i refuse to answer.

lessons from a wedding

went to my sister's best friend's wedding to my sister's boyfriend's fraternity brother yesterday.

it was one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever attended -- the music was good, the priest was good, and everybody looked happy. plus the food was good too.

but like any other experience, there are things that you will learn:

1. it is next to impossible to completely button a bustier if you're alone in the car; wearing a skirt over your shorts in the car is next to next to impossible.

2. lotion on your feet, killers heels, and steep steps do not, i repeat -- do not, go well together.

3. driving for 2 hours along south super highway with your window open will get the nails on your left hand dirty, but not your right.

4. the most beautiful person in a wedding is the bride, no matter how sleep deprived, tense, or tired she is.

5. sometimes, weddings make you cry.

6. white roses are still prettier than red ones.

7. when they said "sonya's garden bed and breakfast" they really meant the garden part.

8. peeing in a bathroom with humongous screens overlooking a garden makes you feel horribly naked.

9. sun dried tomatoes rock.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

empty chairs and empty tables

it's been 4 days since the people here in my immediate vicinity were put on forced leave.

it tends to be quiet sometimes.

too quiet. sometimes i can hear my heart sobbing.

it's been 20 days...

give me a year. maybe two. maybe the rest of this lifetime.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

i remember


he used to call me snowflake.

wherever you are, you're still missed.

i spoke too soon

right after i posted the previous entry we got a call from the higher ups telling me that they'll be down shortly and that i'm going to do a demo for some foreign visitors. demo of the program that we've been using.

i only had 5 minutes. as luck would have it, i couldn't access the application. when i finally got it open, i couldn't find a file that was not locked. so the application was useless.

i winged it. opened several windows and started off with -- if this were working, this is how it's going to work. blah.

it was over soon, and they didn't have questions for me. either they understood me completely, or i made no sense whatsoever and asking questions would only compound the confusion.

so there.

i should not say i'm bored. something always comes up.

run that by me again?

in my dream i was drowning my sorrows
but my sorrows, they learned to swim
-u2, until the end of the world

i could drink a case of you, darling
still i'd be on my feet, i'd still be on my feet.
-joni mitchell, case of you

don't want to know who's to blame
it won't help knowing...
-tell me on a sunday

now you see me now you don't watch me dive below
deep down in your love lake where the sweet fish come and go..
-don mclean, birthday song

guess i'm just bored.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

how's this for a grad pic?

this morning our resident photographer was looking for some photos in the apartment. he came across the graduation pictures he took of me way back in 1997. he's taken a lot of pictures of me but this is my favorite picture so far.

ang ganda ang girl

i'm electric

way back in college we had this class where we had to choose a concept for a room, design it, and defend it. we chose a computer room. piece of cake, right?

we had it all down -- the number of computers, the ergonomic computations, movement study, color, efficiency, etc....

one member of the panel asked "what is the static coefficient of your carpet?"

to say we were stumped would be the understatement of that year. we hadn't the faintest idea what she was talking about. she must have noticed the absolutely blank looks on our faces because she proceeded to explain what she meant.

something about the presence of computers which increased the static of the carpet. so we needed a carpet that would suppress it. i forget now whether the static coefficient should be higher or lower.

we passed though. thank goodness.

anyway, the reason i remembered is because never a week goes by here in the office that i don't get electrocuted (for the lack of a better word) everytime i go near cubicles or i lean on the divisions. i've gotten used to it some, but i still get startled and i jerk away. good thing it's not the type of electricity that burns.

i suppose i should have paid better attention to that static coefficient thingie.

but for now, you live. you learn.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

another 29 years

You Will Die at Age 58


Not bad, considering your super wild lifestyle

Want to live longer? Try losing a few bad habits.

this means i've lived half my life already, and what have i got to show for it, i wonder?

dark angel

that's the name of the horse i rode this morning. he was swift and light on his feet. like i always say, the closest i could get to flying.

of course now i can't walk straight and my back hurts like hell from trying to stay on the horse without the help of a saddle. but it was well worth it.

must do this again.

Friday, March 04, 2005

my kissing horoscope

Cancer Kissing Horoscope

Your kisses are warm and tender, and you never want to let them go.

Your Relationship Potential: It could be a fun fling, or it could be the love of your life. Sample your free reading for more details.


we had shrimps for lunch today and i noticed my friends weren't eating the flesh in the heads. so i was getting them. the plate of the girl at the end of the table was too far. so i couldn't reach it. then she asked:


Thursday, March 03, 2005

my foam earrings

i've taken to wearing my earphones while working even if the cd player is off. that way people approach carefully. and i like it that way. :) i'm such a faker.


finally got the chance to watch an episode of csi season 5. the scenes were a lot more graphic and arresting. as always, i found myself fascinated by the methods and concepts in the series. of course i found myself wondering what would happen if there was a csi philippines.

hmm. i think they would fail miserably. but that's just me.

here's why i think so:

1. everybody shares stuff in the philippines - hairbrushes, clothes, clips, pens, utensils, cups, straws, toothbrushes (yes, it's been known to happen), phones, computers, shoes, cars.... name it. it's been shared.

2. everybody is a relative of everybody else. and yes, most will cover their relatives' tracks if needed.

3. people give everybody rides, even those who are practically strangers.

4. souvenirs abound in houses. people have a tendency to give away stuff that visitors and friends take a liking to.

5. sleepovers are common. can you imagine how many types of dnas are spread this way?

6. investigating buses involved in an accident or homicide would take forever and a day. and then some. imagine trying to isolate one dent from another? next to impossible.

7. friends store stuff in other friends' bags and houses and cars and promptly forget about it.

8. everyone accommodates everybody else. someone issues a check for someone else, or uses someone's name to get somewhere....

9. people like to go to crime scenes for the heck of it. bedlam.

guess this is my list. of course, anyone thorough enough would be able to sift through and get the truth. but then one episode would take weeks.

something to think about. good morning! :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

virgins unlimited

while driving this morning i saw a screaming tabloid headline which said : pawala na ang mga virgin (or something to that effect) beside this scantily clad woman sitting with her legs wide open.

now i don't know what the article was all about. i had half a mind to buy the paper but the other half said i shouldn't.

anyways, if what the paper meant was that more and more women are engaging in sex, and that there are less virgins in the world, i would have to disagree. why, in my immediate vicinity the ratio of virgins to non-virgins is three is to one!

yes, 3:1. although i don't really have an explanation for it. we actually jokingly organized a "virgins unlimited" society. hehehe.

seriously though, i know there was a time when being a virgin was the default mode. whoever admitted that she wasn't a virgin anymore drew stares and whispers.

now, however, it seems women find it shameful that they're still virgins at a certain age. say, 25. weird.

i remember a friend of mine was telling a story about how she very loudly announced that her friend was still a virgin. the friend blushed and immediately hushed her. "HUY BAKA MAY MAKARINIG!"

so which is which?

(wait, is this post an admission? hmmmm)

points to ponder on a wednesday morning. good morning all.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEAN!!!! here's to that thing you've been wishing for since christmas. :D

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


happy birthday little bunny! c",)