Friday, March 18, 2005

here's that rainy day

it's gloomy outside. from my seat here by the window i can see the buildings and cars and roads, wet with rain. i know there are sounds out there but from up here i can hardly hear anything.

it's like i'm surrounded by glass, all alone, watching the world get wet. watching the world go by.

i have always loved the rain. there's something so cleansing about it, despite the dirt and chemicals to be found in it. as a child i used to watch the rain water run down the street, bringing debris with it and leaving the pavement clean.

i still do that sometimes when i get the chance.

i digress. back to my glass cage.

i'm lonely. lord knows i've been having my share of late nights and movies and outings and all that. but i'm lonely still.

it's been a month.

maybe it's just the rain. or the cold. or the still empty chairs and tables around me. or maybe i was just on a temporary high this morning from the coffee i drank.

maybe i just miss him. a month.


  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    or maybe its just pms