Monday, February 26, 2007

where you eat your best

last saturday my sisters and i were talking about a very important topic. where to have lunch. we were in oakwood, preparing to go home but nobody wanted to eat in the makati area. we were calling out restaurant names when i had this brainstorm. RODIC's!

none of us graduated on time (well maybe ate lani but then she's a sorta kinda nerd so...let's leave her out of this) so we spent more years in UP than usual. and throughout our stay there (collectively around 13 years) there were 4 places that we frequented. rodic's, khaz food house, beach house, and the kalayaan isaw.

these three 4 places saw us through a lot of lean times. the isawan in particular for me because back then one stick of isaw cost only 1 peso. i used to buy rice at the coop, have the lady put some sauce on it, then buy 10 pieces of isaw. mighty filling at 15 pesoses! anyway back to saturday.

we were all in agreement that rodic's was IT! only to find out that traffic was hell along katipunan. but we braved it. the welcoming smiles on the faces of the staff (yes, they remembered us. we're too big to forget. hehehe) made us smile in turn. so we ordered food. there were 8 of us, including 1 kid and 1 infant. as you can see we had a fiesta.

everything was as good as we remembered. i suppose the good memories associated with the place helped. but it felt good to be back there eating. and the prices didn't hurt. P1113.00 for 8 people who actually ordered food good enough for twice that many.

by the end of the meal we were all smiling and full. we had some left-overs which we gave to some kids out back. all in all, a very good meal.

rodic's. where you do eat your best. give it a try some time.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

tell me again?

tell me again why i went to law school. why i went to interior design. why i'm working at 1030 in the evening. why i didn't go to culinary school. why i didn't take more units of creative writing. why i didn't go to masscom. why i didn't take up my sister's offer to work abroad. why i put up with bullshit. why i left baguio. why i didn't marry ____. or _____. or ______. why am i not at the beach drinking something alcoholic (without the tiny umbrella). why i didn't bother to apply for a master's degree. why i didn't go to bartending class.

why why why.

tell me again?

Monday, February 19, 2007

this made me guffaw. reminds me of someone.

small talk

"there must be a thousand things you would die for... i can hardly think of two..."

i could hardly think of two. really. or maybe just two. family and friends.

i'd be hard pressed to say i'd die for my country. i probably won't even let my skin be scratched for my country. and though, yes, i say my piece for the philippines, sometimes it just becomes an oft-repeated lip service.

then i go to conspi and i encounter people who take to the streets to protest acts that are not even directed at them. i go to uncle tats to play billiards with people who work day in day out to better the living conditions of farmers. i listen to my dad trying to find ways to make things better for people who don't deserve to be given the time of day. and i watch my mom work with different organizations for the poor, the marginalized, and at the same time run a school for preschool kids who can't afford the skyrocketing tuition fees of private schools.

i think about my job and my other activities. damn. am i really my parents' daughter?

i am sheltered in my comfort zone. i work in makati for a company that... never mind that. i wake up thinking i'd take part in something worthwhile, but i'm too lazy. it takes too much effort. so i turn over and sleep some more.

i avoid looking at squatter areas, and when i do, it's often with a derogatory comment or two. sure there are those who have money but squat anyways. but what of those who don't have a penny to their name?

i avoid looking at kids who beg, thinking their parents and the government should be the ones doing something. why should i bother?

and i feel disgusted at myself. but not enough to do anything.

i write this post and i feel enough fire and passion to start doing something and yet, it's too hot out.*

i wonder if i will find anything outside of friends and family that i'd be willing to die for. i hope i do. and i hope it won't be too late.

*pay me no mind. just thinking out loud.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

kahapon natapos na ang bukas

hmmm. in a few hours you managed to make me forget that i actually liked you and have in fact been missing you for the past few weeks.

so i guess...thanks. i'm no longer torn up over you.

we could have been friends.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i spoke too soon

all my plans for the day are shot. sometimes i wonder if working here is really worth my time.

so far so good

so far it's been good.

happy valentine's day all. have a good one.

Friday, February 09, 2007

my siopao's one!

siopao is one today. :)

world gone mad

my world, at least.

a month and a half into the new year and i feel like i'm going through an endless roller coaster ride. so many ups and downs and sometimes i can't help but feel like i'm being blown around by a whimsical wind.

i'm not myself. or maybe i am. maybe i'm just lonely so i go and do things to dull that loneliness. things. with consequences that make me want to slap myself upside the head.

no worries though. at least not yet.

i guess i need a break to settle myself. a day at the beach or in the mountains. with stretches of nothingness to soothe my weary head.

the prospect is so appealing i want to go now. right this moment. but i have to work.

maybe i have to resign to take a break. that thought bears consideration.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

sometimes i'm so stupid i amaze me

here's the thing. i decided to change the look of my blog, using blogger's drag and drop thing. and forgot to save the old template.

lost all my links. sigh.

time for a change i suppose.

must think up a new name for my blog. after all, it's almost 4 years old.


i just want to sit back close my eyes and not think.