Monday, March 27, 2006

run that by me again?

last saturday some office friends and i went to cavite to attend our godson's birthday. it was a hot day, traffic was horrible, and we were running late. but this billboard made our day:

Olympic Gold Medalist

i know the word exists but...still funny!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


People see sadness in your eyes. You seem to be
hurt deeply. You may be unhappy because you are
alone or feel like no one cares about you. Or
it may be because something very awful has
happened to you. Whatever the cause, you go
through each day just waiting for night to come
with sweet relief in the form of your dreams.
But you may have even lost hope in your dreams.
Chin up. Things should get better for you and
there is always at least one person who cares
about you. Have hope.(Image copyrighted to

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


sooner or later you find that you're going nowhere and that you don't know what to do next and you feel so lost. every song, phrase, word, or scene that you chance upon triggers your memory. you remember, and you feel the longing.

you sit down and try your best to get your bearings. sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, and you still feel lost.

you ask yourself how long you're going to stay like this but you don't hear yourself answering because you don't know.

you bury your face in your hands and try to shut the world out. for a while. just for a while. and maybe, just maybe, if you sit there long enough, you will find your way.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

belated women's day

i know i'm a day late. but it still is women's month so i thought i'd post this.

wrote this in law school (go figure) and posted it in a blog that retired a couple of years ago. :)


tignan mo nga naman
ang impluwensiya ng lipunan.
nung ako'y papasok pa lang ng kolehiyo
bigla kong naisip
(kahit alam kong katangahan,
dahil sa komiks lang siya)
pano kung dumating si zuma
at hindi ako kinuha?
kasi nga naman,
birhen lang ang mga biktima ni zuma
eh di hindi na niya ako kukunin
para dukutin ang puso ko.
at naisip ko,
pag di niya ako kinuha
ano na lang
ang sasabihin ng mga magulang ko?
ng mga kapatid ko?
naiwan akong buhay
dahil di na ako birhen.
mapapagalitan ako
at tatanungin
kung sino ang salarin.
ni hindi ko man lang naisip noon
na malamang matutuwa sila
na buhay ako,
na hindi ako kinuha ni zuma.
at di na sila magtatanong
kung bakit hindi ako dinukot.
basta naisip ko lang
na magagalit sila
dahil dapat birhen ang babae
kapag wala pa siyang asawa.
tignan mo nga naman.
ang impluwensiya ng lipunan.
parang mas ginusto kong
damputin ni zuma
kesa mabisto ng ama't ina.
kalokohan di ba?
pero ganyan kasi
ang impluwensiya ng lipunan
na nagdidikta sa mga kababaihan
ngunit kadalasan ay kamalian.
pero ngayon may isip na ako
alam ko na hindi darating si zuma
kasi nga komiks lang siya.
alam ko na ngayon
na ang iniisip ko noon
ay kalokohan lamang.
eh ano ngayon kung hindi na ako birhen?
siguro pagkakamali
siguro hindi.
at kung may problema ang mapapangasawa ko
aba, magdusa siya.
sana kunin na lang siya ni zuma.

Friday, March 03, 2006

i am in despair

was almost late for work because...i couldn't fit into my jeans.

how pathetic is that? i have never been really worried about my weight. i gain and lose weight in cycles so quick i have stopped keeping track. as far as i'm concerned, as long as i still comfortably fit into my clothes, i'm doing awryt.

and now it has happened. soon as i finally had my jeans zipped i sat down and tried to figure out how to tie my shoe laces without

1) busting the zip of my jeans
2) dying from oxygen deprivation in my brain
3) pushing my breakfast out the way it came
4) tearing up the skin around my midsection.

i got my laces tied, tho, with a lot of effort and concentration. then i sat back again and took deep breaths. by the time i got a cab it was 10:30. but i wasn't late.

i will not buy bigger clothes, nor will i embark on self-starvation. the way i see it, i really have to move this big ass. now.