Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas all. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

am back. i think.

it's been almost 2 months since i posted anything here. and am still not sure what i'm going to post about. it's not that there's nothing happening. on the contrary, a lot of things have been happening lately.

let me see. i went to palawan. went to a beach in la union with my family. watched my nephew start to crawl and listened to him cry because he's teething. got a friend back and lost him in a space of a few days. read several books. played untold hours of badminton. discovered that that anti-hangover thing available in the market actually works. transferred workstations. pined over someone. the list will probably go on and on if i actually sat myself down and thought about it.

but i can't seem to write things down properly. oh, nothing's wrong with my brain. been writing some sample abstracts for work and they didn't end up too bad.

i guess my world is in a spin at the moment. and i hope it will settle down soon. i need to write things down. i need the comfort of being able to put things into something structured (at least for me) and maybe put a little more order in my life.

oh well. at least this is a post. will try to post pictures soon. try being the operative word.

Monday, September 18, 2006

am back from oz

got back yesterday from a week-long training thing in australia. didn't get to do much since the shops and attractions close at 5 in sydney. training is till 5, so we didn't get to do the tourist thing. but the trip was well worth it.

gift to self: the boy from oz. we watched hugh jackman. sigh. we actually breathed the same air (along with thousands of other people who turned up for the show)!

the show was worth every cent we had to shell out for it. he was very good and he can really sing!

the opening scene was that of a white grand piano descending from the ceiling with the man himself on top of it. wearing, get this, a suit covered with silver discs that glittered so much he was practically shining. all we could say was OH MY GOD.

sigh. more about the trip later but for now, sigh sigh sigh!

photo courtesy of

Friday, September 08, 2006

off to

the land down under. :)

Monday, September 04, 2006


attended a children's party yesterday and i left looking like this. :) gave me such a kick.

more about the birthday party when i have time.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

can anybody say "freedom of speech"

Gonzalez: UP breeds destabilizers, naked runners

of course he's entitled to his own opinion. being well-behaved and all. but then the position he holds curtails that liberty somewhat. he shouldn't be mouthing off whatever comes to mind.

hay naku. besides, what's wrong with running naked? :) in my book that's a decent thing to do. nobody gets hurt and everyone's fine. i wonder if he can say that about his actions?

the up manila student council has released a letter to sec. gonzales. i'm sure there will be more.

hay naku talaga.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

this explains a lot.

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (54%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (48%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain

Left brain dominant individuals are more orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. They are good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. They can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, they can feel lost when things are not clear, doubting anything that is not stated and proven.

Right brain dominant individuals are more visual and intuitive. They are better at summarizing multiple points, picking up on what's not said, visualizing things, and making things up. They can lack attention to detail, directness, organization, and the ability to explain their ideas verbally, leaving them unable to communicate effectively.

Overall you appear to have fairly Equal Hemispheres
According to Darwinian theory, optimal evolution takes place with random variation and selective retention. The evolution savvy individual will try many different approaches when faced with a problem and select the best of those approaches. Many historical intellectuals have confessed their advantage was simply considering/exploring/trying more approaches than others. The left brain dominant type suffers from limited approaches, narrow-mindedness. The right brain dominant type suffers from too many approaches, scatterbrained. To maintain balanced hemispheres, you need to exercise both variability and selection. Just as a company will have more chance of finding a great candidate by increasing their applicant pool, an individual who considers a wider set of options is more likely to make quality decisions.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

isang tanong

may kiliti kaya ang mga butiki?

Friday, August 25, 2006

letter from gary granada

konting announcement lamang. downloadable for free po talaga. :) pati yung mga kanta tungkol sa ginebra.


My name is Gary Granada, i'm a volunteer in an
ecumenical community called Kaalagad. I also teach and
write songs. I would like to invite you to a website I
made, and if you like some of the things you see, most
of them are downloadable for free.

There's a little information there about Kaalagad as
well, and the little that we can generate out of that
all goes to the programs and projects of Kaalagad.

It would also help if you can tell others about it,
thank you. (and so sorry if im being a nuisance~~)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

last sunday i attended the funeral of my uncle, my mom's kuya. i had gone to the wake a couple of days earlier, being the lone baguio representative. my parents arrived for the burial.

i am close to my uncle's family. they're a big bunch, like us. but they're all married. the age of the kids range from 0 to 25(?) years. everybody loves to eat. and tell stories while they're at it. and they have always made me feel welcome.

i felt their loss. it was the usual rowdy crowd but i could feel it drifting in the background. i could sense it in the tiny silences that invaded the noise every once in a while. i could see it in each and every person passing by the casket who raised a hand to touch the surface. i could feel it in their hugs and kisses.

but i held my tears in check. and mingled as well as i could.

during the funeral the entire family was gathered around the casket saying their goodbyes. i stood and watched them sprinkle holy water. and i stood and watched as my aunt wiped the surface, watched her stand on tiptoe to kiss it, and watched her just slump over the glass in silent tears.

that did me in. last year they had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. now here she was saying goodbye. my tears finally gave way.

thoughts kept zipping in and out of my head. i could only imagine how she must feel, losing her constant companion of 50 years. yet i felt a certain envy. they had loved for 50 years and it still wasn't enough. my thoughts inevitably turned to my parents, who have been together for 46 years. to my sister, who was steady with her boyfriend for 17 years before they even got married. to me.

i stood there watching my aunt mourn the loss of her husband. i kept thinking i want that kind of love. she bravely faced all of us, said farewells, and moved on. i want that kind of strength.

i mourned the loss of my uncle, and mourned for those he left behind.

i left feeling melancholy. and awfully lonely. i think somehow, in a small way, i mourned for me.

Monday, August 14, 2006

bits and pieces

* the day i say i can't take public transport anymore or that i can't sit on the sidewalk anymore, kill me.

* a baby who smiles everytime he hears your voice is one of the most precious things anyone can ever have. if not the most.

* touching base with friends - sometimes you need to see the friends you made when you still had black front teeth to realize that change is good, but things that stay the same over the years are better. :)

* trying to take your own blood pressure is a major production. which is downright funny.

* sitting in front of a computer for over 10 hours with only wiwi breaks for relief is a bad thing.

* piolo pascual is yummy.

* no matter how disgusted you are with a game show on tv, you will still root for the person on deck. and rejoice when she ends up winning something.

* that condom thing with holes that they put on your head when they color your hair makes your brain shrink.

* am going to sleep now.

Monday, August 07, 2006

from emman's lj

You Are: 60% Dog, 40% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.
You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.
And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

Friday, August 04, 2006

a new vice

one of the gifts i received for my birthday was a set of audiobooks from rina.

it included neil gaiman and terry pratchett books. it also included the time traveler's wife by audrey niffenegger.

i've been listening to time traveler for the past 4 days. the entire thing is about 18 hours, give or take. let me put it this way. if it were a book, i wouldn't put it down.

i've been listening to it while cooking, eating, driving, riding the train, riding the bus.

i have always been a fan of the printed book. i like holding the pages. i like the feel, the weight, the smell of them. i like the way i can always flip back a few pages if something confuses me.

i resisted audiobooks for a long time. but then i tried good omens. and i was hooked.

scrolling back was easy since you can figure out the number of minutes. plus, this is something i can do while driving. reading while driving is next to impossible. least now i don't have to put off reading while i'm walking or driving. i can simply listen.

and lose myself in another world again, one that doesn't hurt as much as this one does.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

and the day came and went

we celebrated my birthday last night with the family. andaming kids, andaming pagkain. for a moment there i felt like i was 6. :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the law has come a long way

"... knowing for certaine, that the law is unknowne to him that knoweth not the reason thereof, and that the known certaintie of the law is the safetie of all."

-Sir Edward Coke, circa 1823
The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England
Section 395a.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006


You are Ocean Blue

You're both warm and practical. You're very driven, but you're also very well rounded.
You tend to see both sides to every issue, and people consider you a natural diplomat.

renski you're contagious.

Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.
You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices.


is it too early to have birthday blues?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

sabi ko na nga ba may sayad ako

nung isang araw, panay ang dikit sa kin nung inaanak kong si imogen. pero masungit siya sa ibang tao. at nung aalis na ko, iyak ang bata.

kaibigan ko: talaga naman. walang paltos. panay ang dikit sa yo ng mga bata.

ako: oo nga eh. siguro, nung past life ko, isa akong dede.

yun lang. sayad.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


daming kimchi sa pilipinas. syet.


one of the most relaxing things for me is driving. when i'm depressed, angry, or even when i'm deliriously happy.

like cooking, it's something i know how to do, and do well. so it doesn't really need much thinking on my part. i just go into driving mode and head out. i always feel better after the drive ('cept maybe if i got stuck in traffic), specially with kojak. he and i are in sync.

i look at the road stretched out ahead of me and i actully feel my head clear and the farther i go, the better i feel. at the end of the drive i can face the world again.

but you know what? sometimes there just isn't enough road.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

and counting

happy 46th wedding anniversary mommy and daddy.

i look at you and i believe that forever is possible. no matter what.

drag vinci code

after all the hype and the months of waiting, i finally watched da vinci code.

my friends and i caught the last full show at gateway. the cinemas were packed (although there were about 6 cinemas showing the movie) and we got sucky seats (row Q1-Q4) because we reserved late.

i watched the trailers eagerly, in anticipation of the movie that caused so much uproar.

alas. despite two cups of coffee (this amount is usually enough to keep me awake the whole night, and i have to kill the insomnia with alcohol), i fell asleep soon after they turned away from the us embassy, woke up after they left the vault, fell asleep while they were in teabing's house, woke up in london... by this time the power naps i had gotten were taking effect. i was wide awake. well at least i think i was. i finished the movie.

i'm disappointed. the pace was slow and the acting left much to be desired. all in all, a drag. perhaps if i hadn't read the book first i would have seen it through. but i did read the book and the movie sucked.

but then again i was asleep half the time. so i suppose i'm going to have to watch it again (courtesy of our friendly neighborhood pirates) then i'll get back to you. maybe it will be better then.

in the meantime i lie in wait for x-men III. hugh jackman is there. in my book that's enough to make a movie interesting.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

mga munting bata sa munting buhangin

joined the production team. team building thingie (hehe). we cooked up a storm.

swept the house.

wreaked havoc in the water.
left the following day.

it was a lot of fun and for a moment there we were all little kids again. mga munting bata sa munting buhangin. :P o sige na nga, mga malalaking bata sa munting buhangin.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


after all this time, you can still stop my heart with a stare...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

start the day with a bang

or so they say.

saturday morning i woke up at 6 am because of a loud bang. the transformer about 15 meters away from my window went kaboom. my heart was pounding as i sat up in bed, thinking fire! the voltage dropped but my fan was still weakly turning.

had no choice. i got up despite promising myself that i'll get up mid morning. i looked out the window and i stared in fascination as i watched the current run up and down a tree branch that had somehow rested on the electric wires. the current was making a noise similar to that made by a light saber swishing through the air. ang galing.

i joined my neighbors in the parking area and watched as some firemen arrived. i stared in incredulous silence as they tried to put out an electric fire with water! of course the thing kept on blazing. the fire grew and crawled down the live tree. still they sprayed. after a while the water ran out and the tree was still ablaze.

i figured sooner or later the wire was going to break and the rain will put out the fire creeping up and down the tree. the wire did break and the fire was put out but i didn't have current anymore.

got out the perishables from the ref, cooked them all and went back to bed.

sent up a small thank you that no one was harmed. but after all was said and done all i could think about was "that was really really cool."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

quick update

hmmm. it's been over a month. lemme see what's been happening.

1. cut my hair short
2. went to galera
3. got a henna tattoo in galera and promptly developed a rash
4. got a new ipod video from my sister and brother in law (thank you yehey!)
5. got new glasses
6. had my car fixed
7. got my phone drowned in galera
8. got in touch with some old friends
9. got 2 new lawyers in the house (woohoo!!!!)
10. bought a teeny tiny subnotebook (second hand but great for word processing)
11. gained some odd number of pounds
12. went to leisure coast in dagupan
13. got sick
14. watched this movie called "beyond reanimator" (worth checking out, mind you. it's so bad you'll laugh your head off)
15. made and signed my first pleading since graduating from law school (ugh)
16. got my IBP id
17. paid my PTR dues (they fined me for paying late)

there. one of these days when i'm bored out of my wits i will expound on these things. there's a story behind each and every one. sigh.

back to work.

Monday, March 27, 2006

run that by me again?

last saturday some office friends and i went to cavite to attend our godson's birthday. it was a hot day, traffic was horrible, and we were running late. but this billboard made our day:

Olympic Gold Medalist

i know the word exists but...still funny!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


People see sadness in your eyes. You seem to be
hurt deeply. You may be unhappy because you are
alone or feel like no one cares about you. Or
it may be because something very awful has
happened to you. Whatever the cause, you go
through each day just waiting for night to come
with sweet relief in the form of your dreams.
But you may have even lost hope in your dreams.
Chin up. Things should get better for you and
there is always at least one person who cares
about you. Have hope.(Image copyrighted to

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


sooner or later you find that you're going nowhere and that you don't know what to do next and you feel so lost. every song, phrase, word, or scene that you chance upon triggers your memory. you remember, and you feel the longing.

you sit down and try your best to get your bearings. sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, and you still feel lost.

you ask yourself how long you're going to stay like this but you don't hear yourself answering because you don't know.

you bury your face in your hands and try to shut the world out. for a while. just for a while. and maybe, just maybe, if you sit there long enough, you will find your way.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

belated women's day

i know i'm a day late. but it still is women's month so i thought i'd post this.

wrote this in law school (go figure) and posted it in a blog that retired a couple of years ago. :)


tignan mo nga naman
ang impluwensiya ng lipunan.
nung ako'y papasok pa lang ng kolehiyo
bigla kong naisip
(kahit alam kong katangahan,
dahil sa komiks lang siya)
pano kung dumating si zuma
at hindi ako kinuha?
kasi nga naman,
birhen lang ang mga biktima ni zuma
eh di hindi na niya ako kukunin
para dukutin ang puso ko.
at naisip ko,
pag di niya ako kinuha
ano na lang
ang sasabihin ng mga magulang ko?
ng mga kapatid ko?
naiwan akong buhay
dahil di na ako birhen.
mapapagalitan ako
at tatanungin
kung sino ang salarin.
ni hindi ko man lang naisip noon
na malamang matutuwa sila
na buhay ako,
na hindi ako kinuha ni zuma.
at di na sila magtatanong
kung bakit hindi ako dinukot.
basta naisip ko lang
na magagalit sila
dahil dapat birhen ang babae
kapag wala pa siyang asawa.
tignan mo nga naman.
ang impluwensiya ng lipunan.
parang mas ginusto kong
damputin ni zuma
kesa mabisto ng ama't ina.
kalokohan di ba?
pero ganyan kasi
ang impluwensiya ng lipunan
na nagdidikta sa mga kababaihan
ngunit kadalasan ay kamalian.
pero ngayon may isip na ako
alam ko na hindi darating si zuma
kasi nga komiks lang siya.
alam ko na ngayon
na ang iniisip ko noon
ay kalokohan lamang.
eh ano ngayon kung hindi na ako birhen?
siguro pagkakamali
siguro hindi.
at kung may problema ang mapapangasawa ko
aba, magdusa siya.
sana kunin na lang siya ni zuma.

Friday, March 03, 2006

i am in despair

was almost late for work because...i couldn't fit into my jeans.

how pathetic is that? i have never been really worried about my weight. i gain and lose weight in cycles so quick i have stopped keeping track. as far as i'm concerned, as long as i still comfortably fit into my clothes, i'm doing awryt.

and now it has happened. soon as i finally had my jeans zipped i sat down and tried to figure out how to tie my shoe laces without

1) busting the zip of my jeans
2) dying from oxygen deprivation in my brain
3) pushing my breakfast out the way it came
4) tearing up the skin around my midsection.

i got my laces tied, tho, with a lot of effort and concentration. then i sat back again and took deep breaths. by the time i got a cab it was 10:30. but i wasn't late.

i will not buy bigger clothes, nor will i embark on self-starvation. the way i see it, i really have to move this big ass. now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


i said it all here last year.

she still remains the same although i haven't seen her in a month of sundays. i end up missing her more every time i am reminded of this fact. sigh.

today is her day and she deserves a real break. :)

happy birthday smsrtf! hope to see you soon.

i wonder

how do they sleep at night?

and if i don't do anything, how will i?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

another one of those "i should've stayed in bed" days

i never run red lights, even at 2 am, i yield at intersections, let pedestrians cross, follow the rules for merging traffic, and generally follow traffic rules and regulations. well, speed limits are a little tricky.

so why is it, that when i was driving on the correct lane and i had to pump my brakes a little to avoid hitting a truck in front of me and at the same time signal left and actually move left, that 2 mmda guys happen to be staring smack at me? i got flagged for "illegally changing lanes" and "reckless driving." i begged to disagree.

but i talked my way out of it. of course i did. but i was running late.

then some idiot congressman in a ford expedition tried to squeeze in front of me, sounding off his siren at the same time. i let him. but the idiot behind him, a bodyguard i suppose, actually forced me to almost hit those abominable pink rails. i stopped and let him through. it wasn't enough for him though. he kept swerving to block my way.

when i finally got to makati, another idiot was doing something like 35 kph, staying in the middle of the road. i tried to pass him when it was clear, but no, he wouldn't let me. he actually veered left and i had to slam on my brakes. after which he swerved back to the right.

in the building's basement parking lot, this bmw with his lights off cut the corner and used his siren instead of his horn or his lights. good thing i was going slow and i saw him in time.

i am trying to calm down. there are too many idiots on the road.

i really should've stayed in bed. really really.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

balemtayms na naman

i was bitter in 2003, i was bitter in 2004, and i'm actually surprised i'm not bitter this year. :)

happy valentine's day, all.

have fun. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ang lamig meyn

arrived in baguio at 5:45 this morning. it was cold in the bus but i was used to that. i had my trusty jacket and blanket with me. but when i got out of the bus i almost froze. ang lamig talaga meyn.

i felt my nose freezing. not a good feeling.

anyways, when i got to the house, i rang the doorbell. once. twice. thrice. called up all the people with cellphones in the house. rang the doorbell again. sigh. nobody was opening the door.

i got in eventually and i checked the thermometer to see what the temperature in the house was. 16.7 degrees centigrade. with all the windows closed. no wonder i almost froze outside. the wind was even blowing.

i plunked down on the sofa, slept, and waited for daryl to wake up.

so good to be home.

Friday, February 10, 2006

feb. 9, 11:48 pm, 8.2 lbs

daryl thaddeus. welcome to the world. :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

cooking for 1

i am getting used to cooking for one. for the past several years there was always someone to cook for... my sister, my brother in law, my friends who sleep over, my ex...

these days it's just me, and although i can argueably say that sometimes i eat enough for two, generally i just cook for one.

it takes a lot of adjusting. this morning i tried cooking about 3 tablespoons of rice (half a rice cooker cup) for my lunch. i burst out laughing when i looked into the rice cooker. there, at the bottom of the pan, was half an inch of cooked rice. the lot looked lonely. but i was surprised that they actually filled my lunch box. it appealed somewhat to my twisted sense of order--imagine 3 tablespoons of uncooked rice is to one lunch box of cooked rice!

there are rules to follow in cooking for one, i suppose. halve recipes for two, think in terms of teaspoons and tablespoons instead of cups, buy tiny versions of onions and garlic and other vegetables, never ever buy by the kilo, etc. etc. etc.

i have this niggling feeling that soon i'll be feeling bereft eating by myself. but it's not happening just yet. right now i guess i'm just enjoying cooking for one. a party of one.

Monday, February 06, 2006

ilagay niyo naman sa lugar

a few weeks ago i posted something about us filipinos being able to smile in the face of chaos. last saturday this was proven once more.

i finally tuned in to the news to watch the coverage of the stampede at ultra. there was a shot of a correspondent at the arlington funeral homes and behind that oh-so-somber looking reporter, there were about 10 guys waving and smiling at the camera.

smiling in the face of chaos isn't all that bad. but hell, this was at a funeral home! and a lot of people had gotten trampled to death.

i probably would have found this forgiveable had they not been at the funeral home. probably.

ewan. minsan parang nakakahiyang sabihing pinoy ako.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

my new career

the image is a little hazy but you get the picture. :)

Monday, January 30, 2006

oompa loompa

seriously considering changing careers.

lately i've been making truffles left and right, experimenting with various flavors and shapes, and learning the tricks of tempering and dipping and making centers. go figure.

i think i've mentioned it before that cooking is one thing i really enjoy. i guess there's something comforting about knowing exactly what to do, and knowing just what went wrong if things don't turn out as expected. i figured i might as well make money while am at it.

so i made some samples, and let people in the office taste them. lo and behold i had orders long before i even computed the cost of making them.

although i know that at this point it would be foolish for me to do it full time, my thoughts never stray far from making chocolates.

weird, since i'm not all that fond of chocolate. but i like making them, and that's that, i suppose.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

on a day like today

browsed through my archives to see what i blogged about on the same date last year and the year before that. fortunately enough there are entries dated january 11, 2004 - sibling rivalry and january 11, 2005 - magnetic poetry.

it's not enough tho, if i plan to review the life i've led for the past 2 years since i started working. so i guess that'll have to wait till the weekend.

in the meantime, i work.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


this song sung by stacey kent has been playing over and over on my cd player, (and in my head, might i add).

"You're Looking At Me"

Who had the boys turning hand springs?
Crazy to love her claimed she
Who could so misunderstand things?
You're looking at me

Who was so sure of her conquest?
Sure as a human could be
Who wound up losing the contest?
You're looking at me
You're looking at me

Where is that girl?
Who was certain her charms couldn't fail
Where is that girl?
Believed every word of this ridiculous tale

Who was so childishly flattered?
Thought she'd swept him off his feet
Who woke to find her dreams shattered?
Might I repeat
Might I repeat for you
Needn't strain your eyes
To see what I want you to see
That's right
You're looking at me.



Friday, January 06, 2006

pwede hong bumati?

my OFW friend and i found ourselves having a couple of beers and talking about his experiences as a worker in kuwait. we inevitably ended up discussing filipinos in general.
imagine this... you see a reporter on tv standing in front of a house that has crumbled to the ground because of an earthquake or other calamity. people are scrambling about in panic, most of them in tears. suddenly you see a head peeking from behind the oblivious reporter, its face sporting a big smile, with a hand (presumably attached to the head's body) waving at the camera.

we filipinos love having our pictures taken. or videos taken of us. during parties, people run to be part of a group of people having their picture taken, even if they're not really part of that group. standing and waving in front of a tv crew becomes imperative, even if there is practically bedlam all around. yes, we can smile in the face of chaos.

i ended up saying that if the world ends, we would be one of the last races to go. we've had our share of calamities, and everytime, we cry our hearts out then pick up whatever is left and move on. when there's a flood, rafts appear from nowhere, charging people to cross the flooded streets and stay dry. during earthquakes, makeshift food stalls spring up around shelters. when pinatubo erupted, people started making items from the ashfall to sell.

even the political situation in the country sparks the filipino's creativity. the hello garci ring tones attest to that.

the point being, we always make the best out of every situation. or at least we try to turn them into opportunities. and then we get on with our lives.

siguro matatawag na oportunista ang pinoy. that's not such a bad thing, now, is it?

and i guess sometimes it's what makes me proud to be pinoy.

la lang. writing out loud.

back to work.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


here's to a good year ahead of us all. :)

happy new year to everyone!