Thursday, May 11, 2006

quick update

hmmm. it's been over a month. lemme see what's been happening.

1. cut my hair short
2. went to galera
3. got a henna tattoo in galera and promptly developed a rash
4. got a new ipod video from my sister and brother in law (thank you yehey!)
5. got new glasses
6. had my car fixed
7. got my phone drowned in galera
8. got in touch with some old friends
9. got 2 new lawyers in the house (woohoo!!!!)
10. bought a teeny tiny subnotebook (second hand but great for word processing)
11. gained some odd number of pounds
12. went to leisure coast in dagupan
13. got sick
14. watched this movie called "beyond reanimator" (worth checking out, mind you. it's so bad you'll laugh your head off)
15. made and signed my first pleading since graduating from law school (ugh)
16. got my IBP id
17. paid my PTR dues (they fined me for paying late)

there. one of these days when i'm bored out of my wits i will expound on these things. there's a story behind each and every one. sigh.

back to work.


  1. ang buhay nga naman....

  2. oo nga eh. hay. thanks for dropping by