Sunday, December 19, 2010

dear santa, i want a laser for christmas

 so i can cut out an apple logo on an apple pie.

photo taken from this site:

Monday, December 06, 2010

u.p. naman

so maybe i'm a sucker for anything UP. shirts, jackets, bags, etc. pero naman meyn, ampanget naman ng 
 UP swatch.

*photo courtesy of see for full article and other school designs:

Saturday, December 04, 2010

now i'm a believer!

the car's battery died on me today. i've been around enough cars so i knew what to check. the guard at western union was nice enough to immediately provide me with a screw driver and a pair of pliers. the guys at the pawnshop next to western union tried to help. (hmmm. i should have taken their pictures). they fussed over me, gave me advice.

eventually our own staff arrived with jumper cables, and the next thing to do was hail a cab or a jeep to do a series. after causing traffic, it turned out there was not enough charge in the battery to even do a series.

i caved in and called motolite delivery. they said it would take 30-45 minutes. lo and behold, arnel, my savior, arrived in 27. :D

he replaced the battery, and while i was wondering if he brought a franking machine, he brought out a swiping-machine-thingy!  he promptly swiped the card.

 in a few seconds the receipts were being spit out of the swiping-machine-thingy.
then i was on my merry way. oh, the guard and the pawnshop guy are in the background. :) masarap pa rin talaga sa pilipinas.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

on being irrational

i am, generally, a reasonable person.

or at least i try to be. i have a friend who said i am most rational during those times when i should be irrational. perhaps.

right now i feel anything but rational. i want to pick things up and throw them around. i want to slap somebody till she bleeds. i want to pound her into a pulp, and i know i can because well, she's half my size. and guess what? i don't even know her.

irrational, yes. crazy, yes. and all because she can do things i'm not allowed to. details are unimportant. she's lucky she's out of the country because right now the only thing stopping me from carrying out my evil plans is distance.

a loooooong day.

yesterday was a hectic day for me. had a hearing at 830 that was supposed to have ended by 10, and i was going to go home, take my sweet ass time, and then head to the bus station for the 1115 trip.

made it to court in time, only to find out that my case was the 13th case in the calendar, which meant i would have to wait for several cases to finish. i waited patiently and told my client to just relax, not panic and have some tissue on hand because she might be a bit teary eyed.