Friday, June 22, 2007

all my bags are packed....


our flight was supposed to be for this morning. fortunately it got moved since i only brought my laundry home yesterday, they got washed yesterday...and it rained.

i haven't packed, haven't cleared my laptop (leaving it with my sister), haven't finished the last papers i should have accomplished for the firm, haven't gotten a haircut, haven't done so many things.

you'd think i'm only preparing for a week long trip, not the three month sojourn i quit my job for. :P

but i have always traveled light. i learned that early on when i overpacked for a trip to leyte, and ended up lugging an entire bag of unused clothes home. these days i pack a single bag for a week-long trip, with a fanny pack for all the essentials i should keep on my person. it's easier too since i hardly ever check in my bags 'cept when i have to bring contact lens solution.

so there. in a couple of days i'll be outta here. when i get back... who knows.

i'll post as soon as i get there. take care of you.

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