Saturday, July 31, 2004

7 of 9 i'm not

my friend l was here last month and he had this cool software in his 6600. it warps faces. the two pictures below are products of that software.

i forget which is supposed to be the alien version of me and which is the professor look. which is which? hell i don't know. but man, i ain't pretty. so cool though. good for laughs.

this takes the cake

celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my sister got me this cake. thought it would be a kick to post it.

it is kinda cute. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

double bummer

called up hp and found out that they don't support my notebook model. which means that if i have it serviced there, it will only be under best efforts because they have to outsource it. and get this - it will cost a minimum of P25,000.00. newsflash: JOBLESS.

hate this. i hate having to borrow a computer just so i can check mail. i hate not being able to access the data in my computer. i hate it that i can only use my laptop now as a cd player.

of course i could hook it up to the tv again. but then it would probably kill my already highly myopic eyes because the tv is old and is not a very good monitor. i'll probably end up spending more just to have my eyes fixed.

a couple of friends suggested that i go buy myself a flat screen tv and just use the laptop as a desktop. the idea is becoming more attractive by the day.

i should stop complaining no? study na ko.

Monday, July 19, 2004

how to get out of getting a ticket

my sister and her friend went to dagupan.  they got hailed by a traffic enforcer because the girl driving wasn't wearing a seatbelt. here's what transpired:
driver: ano'ng offense namin?
traffic guy: ma'am wala kasi kayong seatbelt eh.
driver: (getting ready to make an escuse) kasi manong...
traffic  guy: buti pa yung buntis naka seatbelt (referring to my sister)
my sister: (flaring up, naturally) HINDI AKO BUNTIS! ANG OFFENSE MO, MASYADO KANG ASSUMING!
traffic guy: ah.... eh....
to make the long story short, they didn't get a ticket. but my sister was ready to kill. hehehe. moral of the story: lose that stomach!


the other day my laptop's lcd winked out on me. was pissed as hell. i was in the middle of working. my friend says the backlight probably gave up because if i looked really hard the desktop display is visible.
needed to send some mail out so here i am. hooked up the laptop to the tv. it's a little difficult to type looking at the tv. not to mention a strain on my neck. sigh.
plus the added expense of having the part replaced. sigh. sigh. sigh.  just when i quit my job. sigh.

Friday, July 16, 2004


i have joined the ranks of the unemployed (again).
it's tough, knowing i have to study again, and knowing i'm going to have to cut down on my expenses. which means no going to bookstores for the next 3 months at least. i have decided to just live on my savings because i don't want to burden my parents again.
it's just as well that i'm the type who would rather cook than eat out. i'm not a shopping person either. i just like to go get books. since i've been going on a book buying rampage, i think i still have books to tide me over till october.
i just hope i was able to save enough. but hey, now is the time to find out how creative i can be when i have no more cash in my pocket. maybe i'll just submit my stories and see which one gets published (tricky, since most of my stories are either morbid or horribly sad).
so there. good luck to me. :)

smoke and mirrors

got this from r last wednesday. i'm smiling like an idiot.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

a vindication of sorts

renewed my license yesterday. and i must say, it is undoubtedly the best looking license picture i have ever seen in my entire life.
good thing too. when i went to get the drug test the girl at the center asked if i was married already. kasi daw ang payat-payat ko dun sa license ko.  baka daw nag-asawa na kasi ako. syet.
so when i went to get my license i was tired, hot, and depressed. i just sat there to have my picture taken and the guy behind the booth was making gestures telling me to fix my hair and remove my glasses.
when i got my license i was expecting all i felt to show. lo and behold. i looked damned good. :)
will post my license picture when i get the chance. in the meantime i intend to show it to all and sundry. fat or not, i look good.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

this made my day

jumped over to renski's blog. she made a link to this blog because she almost fell off her chair laughing.

i almost fell off too. check it out. i'm sure it will make yours.

back to work.


i will never, ever, cut things close again. when it comes to the number coding, that is.

left the house at 6:15. traffic was (still is) BAAAAAAD. i had to get gas along edsa and the guy took ages, too. by the time i got out of the gas station it was 6:35. i was still near abs-cbn.

susmaryosep ang puso ko. somewhere along the stretch going to ortigas, an mmda guy on a motorcycle started tailing me. my heart almost stopped. if anybody encountered a silver car weaving in and out of traffic with an mmda guy behind the car, that was me. my panic was all for nothing. i found out that he wasn't after me pala. or he decided i wasn't worth the morning stress and he went on his merry way.

i got lucky. there were no other mmda guys along the road (except along the bus stops)and none in makati. traffic was still manageable in makati.

parked at 7:19. whew. whew. whew. said a quick prayer of thanks.

my life is screwed up at the moment but heck, lab pa rin ako ni papa jesus.

Monday, July 05, 2004

coffee show

i'm not really a coffee drinker. it has a very bad effect on me. aside from the fact that i start trembling and i palpitate, i bounce off the walls, as my friend leo put it. these side effects i have to put up with (and my friends and my sister have to put up with it too when i need to stay awake.)

yesterday i went to megamall to check out the coffee show. my sister wants to set up a coffee shop in baguio so i went there to see what ideas i might pick up and get some contacts as well.

the smell was overwhelming. it smelled so good i stood there for a while and just inhaled. hmmm. i took a look around and was glad i took the time to be there. the huge coffeemakers did everything. grind the beans, froth up the milk, brew the coffee, press your clothes, cook your meals.... everything. they did everything. and practically all the machines had this sleek stainless steel/gray/black finish that i like. except the price of one could probably support me for the next 4 months.

picked up a lot of brochures and bought some kesong puti and garlic and tomato sauce and some green tea. yes. they are coffee related.

i ended up wishing that i could drink coffee for pleasure. still. the smells were enough to keep me wide eyed.

looking forward to the next one. i'm sure my sister was awful glad i didn't drink any.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Friday, July 02, 2004

cry myself to sleep

found this in one of my notebooks. am posting it since they threatened to delete my account if i don't post something.

cry myself to sleep

go figure

him: thank you very much! i love you!
her: you're welcome. no you don't.
him: haha! let me rephrase that, your honor. i would love to make love to you.
her: i seem to have that effect on men. i wonder why.
him: that's because you're quick with repartee and that's sexy. aside from the fact that you really are. like you said, i would die if i had you in the shower.
her: hmm. i think i just got paid a compliment.

traffic, gas, and parking blues

for the past week i've been driving to work. mainly because of the mrt fiasco last monday. my sister doesn't want me to take the train to work anymore. so i drive. and drive.

i haven't been late which is a good thing. trouble is, parking is 100 a day. yep. 100 a day. i have no alternative so i just cringe and bear it. i try not to think about what i could be spending on.

i bring lunch to work, and that eases the pressure on my pockets somewhat. but still, it's pretty hard to take, considering that i still have 2 weeks left at work. 1200. oh the books i could buy.

not to mention the gas i have to spend on. i haven't driven in almost a month i think. so when i got behind the wheel, i kept my foot on the accelerator. everytime i got the chance, that is. and i watched the needle of my fuel gauge go down. sigh. gas prices have really risen.

and to top it all off, the traffic is terrrriiiibbbbllllle. the recent visit by igme has screwed up the traffic system. it's been raining felines and canines. (ha. i like that.).

let's see. if i had gone commuting the past 4 days i would have spent 406.00. that's if i took a cab from the mrt. plus the mrt fare. to date i have spent 700 already. and i have to get gas when i go home. that's 294 pesos savings sana. without the traffic too. sigh. and payday is a week away. sigh. sigh. sigh.

consolation though: i get to be with kojak every single day. that's enough to make me smile.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

the search for the holy grail

or at least it's beginning to look like that.

my sister, it seems, is keen on seeing me settled down. or at least attached. she doesn't tell me, though, because she doesn't do it consciously. oh no. she dreams.

the last time they were here in manila she sent me to gonuts donuts for one week. i understood, of course, that it was perhaps the novelty of the donuts. they don't have them in baguio. so i went. everyday. i took a cab going there, a cab going back to the office, then a cab to the hotel where they were staying. every. freaking. day.

before she left for baguio she told me why she had been asking me to go. she dreamt i met my husband-to-be there. this drop dead gorgeous guy. which would explain why she kept asking me if i met anyone interesting at the donut shop.

this morning i was driving to work (ungodly hour. left at 6:23 just so i won't get caught by the mmda guys) when she called.

her voice was still thick with sleep and she sounded blurry. anyways, she just called to tell me that she dreamt of the same guy. but this time he's a consul at the american embassy. according to her, i was reclining on a chair during my interview for a us visa. i told the guy i had no property, no savings, and when he said he wasn't giving back my passport, i said, and i quote "i don't care." then he looks at my mom who was waiting in line, and asks for permission to take me out.

hmmm. the dream ends there. my sister called really early so she won't forget the dream. good thing, though, that i was awake already. would probably have screamed if i were still sleeping.

i suppose now she's going to convince me to go get a us visa already. sigh.

this is all happening too early. too early.