Friday, July 02, 2004

traffic, gas, and parking blues

for the past week i've been driving to work. mainly because of the mrt fiasco last monday. my sister doesn't want me to take the train to work anymore. so i drive. and drive.

i haven't been late which is a good thing. trouble is, parking is 100 a day. yep. 100 a day. i have no alternative so i just cringe and bear it. i try not to think about what i could be spending on.

i bring lunch to work, and that eases the pressure on my pockets somewhat. but still, it's pretty hard to take, considering that i still have 2 weeks left at work. 1200. oh the books i could buy.

not to mention the gas i have to spend on. i haven't driven in almost a month i think. so when i got behind the wheel, i kept my foot on the accelerator. everytime i got the chance, that is. and i watched the needle of my fuel gauge go down. sigh. gas prices have really risen.

and to top it all off, the traffic is terrrriiiibbbbllllle. the recent visit by igme has screwed up the traffic system. it's been raining felines and canines. (ha. i like that.).

let's see. if i had gone commuting the past 4 days i would have spent 406.00. that's if i took a cab from the mrt. plus the mrt fare. to date i have spent 700 already. and i have to get gas when i go home. that's 294 pesos savings sana. without the traffic too. sigh. and payday is a week away. sigh. sigh. sigh.

consolation though: i get to be with kojak every single day. that's enough to make me smile.

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