Monday, July 05, 2004

coffee show

i'm not really a coffee drinker. it has a very bad effect on me. aside from the fact that i start trembling and i palpitate, i bounce off the walls, as my friend leo put it. these side effects i have to put up with (and my friends and my sister have to put up with it too when i need to stay awake.)

yesterday i went to megamall to check out the coffee show. my sister wants to set up a coffee shop in baguio so i went there to see what ideas i might pick up and get some contacts as well.

the smell was overwhelming. it smelled so good i stood there for a while and just inhaled. hmmm. i took a look around and was glad i took the time to be there. the huge coffeemakers did everything. grind the beans, froth up the milk, brew the coffee, press your clothes, cook your meals.... everything. they did everything. and practically all the machines had this sleek stainless steel/gray/black finish that i like. except the price of one could probably support me for the next 4 months.

picked up a lot of brochures and bought some kesong puti and garlic and tomato sauce and some green tea. yes. they are coffee related.

i ended up wishing that i could drink coffee for pleasure. still. the smells were enough to keep me wide eyed.

looking forward to the next one. i'm sure my sister was awful glad i didn't drink any.

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