Thursday, July 08, 2004


i will never, ever, cut things close again. when it comes to the number coding, that is.

left the house at 6:15. traffic was (still is) BAAAAAAD. i had to get gas along edsa and the guy took ages, too. by the time i got out of the gas station it was 6:35. i was still near abs-cbn.

susmaryosep ang puso ko. somewhere along the stretch going to ortigas, an mmda guy on a motorcycle started tailing me. my heart almost stopped. if anybody encountered a silver car weaving in and out of traffic with an mmda guy behind the car, that was me. my panic was all for nothing. i found out that he wasn't after me pala. or he decided i wasn't worth the morning stress and he went on his merry way.

i got lucky. there were no other mmda guys along the road (except along the bus stops)and none in makati. traffic was still manageable in makati.

parked at 7:19. whew. whew. whew. said a quick prayer of thanks.

my life is screwed up at the moment but heck, lab pa rin ako ni papa jesus.


  1. mwaha! nakikinita-kinita ko na ang pagiging mala-knight bus ni kojak! :D

  2. hehehe! i did that one time... was about to turn to ayala ave... the mmda guy wanted to stop me..decided to go straight to ortigas instead.

    hay.... the mmda guys make the mornings more interesting...