Thursday, July 01, 2004

the search for the holy grail

or at least it's beginning to look like that.

my sister, it seems, is keen on seeing me settled down. or at least attached. she doesn't tell me, though, because she doesn't do it consciously. oh no. she dreams.

the last time they were here in manila she sent me to gonuts donuts for one week. i understood, of course, that it was perhaps the novelty of the donuts. they don't have them in baguio. so i went. everyday. i took a cab going there, a cab going back to the office, then a cab to the hotel where they were staying. every. freaking. day.

before she left for baguio she told me why she had been asking me to go. she dreamt i met my husband-to-be there. this drop dead gorgeous guy. which would explain why she kept asking me if i met anyone interesting at the donut shop.

this morning i was driving to work (ungodly hour. left at 6:23 just so i won't get caught by the mmda guys) when she called.

her voice was still thick with sleep and she sounded blurry. anyways, she just called to tell me that she dreamt of the same guy. but this time he's a consul at the american embassy. according to her, i was reclining on a chair during my interview for a us visa. i told the guy i had no property, no savings, and when he said he wasn't giving back my passport, i said, and i quote "i don't care." then he looks at my mom who was waiting in line, and asks for permission to take me out.

hmmm. the dream ends there. my sister called really early so she won't forget the dream. good thing, though, that i was awake already. would probably have screamed if i were still sleeping.

i suppose now she's going to convince me to go get a us visa already. sigh.

this is all happening too early. too early.


  1. Astig talaga ni Tinabee... Kahit sa panaginip, wa' pera, wa' property, and wa' care kahit consul pa ng US Embassy ang kaharap! Attagirl! ;)

  2. sinong sister ito? si mega? miss ko na kakulitan ni mega.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    di. si carmencita. kita kits tayo soon. lam mo na kung bakit. dapat alam mo kung bakit.

  4. kita kits tayo soon. lam mo na kung bakit. dapat alam mo kung bakit.oo nga pala. syet. dapat weekend ha. kung hindi, i will try very hard to be there.

    and miss ko din si carmencita.