Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i chicken

badge. that's what they say.

the other day i had my first encounter with cops who ride the bus. the guy beside me didn't pay and the conductor paid him no mind. then the inspector came onboard. i dutifully presented my ticket to show that i had paid my fare. then the guy beside me just murmured "badge."

he didn't look at the inspector. he wasn't wearing his uniform either. but the inspector didn't argue.

why is it like that? the bus operators need to earn too.

i was dismayed and it showed, i suppose. because the guy didn't look either. i only wish i had the guts to reprimand him.

i'm a chicken. bok-bok-bok.


  1. it has been a policy ever since. it isn't illegal or anything. men in uniform get rides for free (or discounts, in my erpats' case, before he retired). a perk of the job. and they needn't show their badge. kilala na sila.

  2. Anonymous7:39 AM

    i dinna know that. all i see is that sometimes there are signs which say "badge not allowed." learn something new everyday.