Wednesday, June 16, 2004

the smell of rain and lightning

it must have been because i grew up in a place that had clean air. at least it used to have clean air. i have a sense of smell that is a little more sensitive than usual.

this afternoon while we were having coffee i told my officemates that the air smelled like the sea. i told them i could smell rain. none of them agreed probably because the sun was glaring and the sky was clear over the area. but it was there. and i liked the smell. a few hours later it started raining.

at times i can also smell the metallic odor of lightning. i don't know if there really is such a smell. but for me it smells electric. could be my over-active imagination, i suppose. is it possible for my imagination to trigger my olfactory senses? hmm. must look it up.

anyways, i'm glad i can smell the rain and the lightning. and if having a sensitive nose makes me more prone to bad smells, so be it. the trade-off is worth it. :)

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  1. ako malakas din ang pang amoy ko sa ulan and my foreigner friends are surprised (especially ang mga puti) when on a hot and humid day, i tell them it'll rain later.