Friday, June 11, 2004

my dad

am back home in baguio. took a leave from work so i can spend time with the kids. plus i'm getting tired of working. need to take a break.

my niece was here earlier today. she's turning one tomorrow and she's been taking a step or two unassisted. she looks so adorable i have to restrain myself because i want to bite her.

anyways, her favorite rhyme is "this little pig." when one of my sisters finished reciting it, my other sister told me a story. apparently when we were sleeping at linden suites last month, my dad looked at the four of us while we were sleeping on the floor. only ate a was awake. she said he started pointing and reciting : this little pig went to market... this little pig stayed at home... this little pig had roast beef... this little pig had none...

since there were only 4 of us, my dad had to stop there. it must have tickled him pink watching us big girls sleep there. we really need to lose weight. when your own dad starts seeing you as pigs, there is something definitely wrong with the picture. but then my dad likes to joke too.

i have always wondered where i get my crazy streak. now i'm sure i get some of it from my dad. but i have this to say. my dad loves us to bits, pigs or not.

and for that, i'm thankful.

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  1. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Mwahahaha! Sobrang natawa ako dito! Laugh trip dad mo, promise! Sa words nga ni Baltic, hes crazy! LOL! :D

    Renski here... Muah! :+