Sunday, June 27, 2004


my window faces west. i stopped using curtains months back because i like thinking that my room is part of the outdoors.

it's very bright outside, and since i'm wearing contact lenses, it seems brighter. i've been staring out my window for some time now. it hurts my eyes. but i stare nonetheless. it's a beautiful day. the birds are out and the leaves are swaying with the wind. the air is cool my neighbors are quiet.

the only sound i hear right now is the music from my sister's room. she's playing the soundtrack from sleepless in seattle. there's the occasional sound of crickets but it's just a distant buzz. it will probably rain later.

slept most of the morning away. unusual but i slept at 4 am. my body's giving up on me so i took the chance to rest.

feeling introspective today. taking stock of my life. i've resigned from work. will be jobless in a couple of weeks. will be studying (again) for the bar. sigh. messed up my schedule, really. but these things happen i suppose.

i want to take a break from the world for a while. from everybody, including friends and family. i guess at some point in everybody's life they feel the need to be alone. to be a stranger. i know i want to be in place where nobody knows who i am. and nobody cares. i just want to walk unnoticed, unbothered by anybody.

so there. ramblings, it says in the title. i would ramble some more brain refuses to organize.

the birds are chirping outside the window. my windchimes are dancing like there's no tomorrow. maybe there isn't.

oh well. pay this post no mind. just thinking out loud.

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  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    nakakayanig talaga whenever your pieces are titled "rambling/s."