Monday, November 29, 2004

why people should not stay on roof decks in ayala if they plan to do some hanky panky

was blog-hopping when i came across this post by ursula_lear.

18 nov 2004 @ 15:32 Sight for Sore Eyes
Work stoppage at the factory as we all pausing to watch guy-on-guy action on the roof deck poolside across our nice tall building. Comes with deck chair and swim trunks as props. La! I'd take a picture but my phone doesn't zoom. Creepers, it's happening right now.

10 mins later.

Still happening.

we happen to work in the same place. and yes i saw this. we had binoculars. but the person under was wearing a towel over the head. tsk. no wonder the guy on top had his back to the other guy. I THOUGHT IT WAS A GURL. stupid me.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

inconsiderate bastards

i suppose everyone's heard of the meningococcal disease in baguio. i see it on the news and people keep asking me about it, since they know i am from baguio.

for the past 2 weeks we have been looking for the vaccine. i have a niece and a nephew who were not given the vaccine. naturally we were worried because these are children who don't know any better. although one is an infant and stays home all the time, the boy goes to school. he does not know the concept of avoidance. he will not avoid his classmate who is sneezing, nor will he stop playing with his friend because that friend has cough. no matter what you tell kids, they will keep on playing with their friends.

so we kept searching. there are no available vaccines in the hospitals in manila. i called up some friends from iloilo and leyte. no luck. finally we got word that there were available vaccines from the DOH. when we asked if we could get some, we were told that the vaccines were sent to baguio. my sister, who is a pediatrician, said they still couldn't get any.

i asked another friend to order from a pharmaceutical company. the same word. they couldn't get any. they said that the vaccines were being hoarded.

tangina nila. what do they want? they want to up the price of the vaccine so it will be available only to those who can afford it? fucking inconsiderate bastards.

i hope they get what's coming to them. in the meantime we can only keep searching for vaccines, perhaps call our relatives abroad.

and pray.

Friday, November 26, 2004

hang ten

i hate that hang ten billboard showing a guy in jeans who looks like he's having a really bad hair day. absolutely hate it. yun lang.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

new president

the deadlock in the search for the new UP president was broken the other day. chancellor emerlinda roman is the new president.
the first female up president
. coolness!

here's what faculty regent sergio s. cao had to say about it

chief of staff

my sister's best friend asked me to help her out at her wedding next year. sure, i said. when i asked my sister to clarify what it was i was going to do, the best friend replied that my role would be like the chief of staff of the AFP.


i wonder what it was in the history of our friendship that gave her the idea that i would be effective as her so-called "chief of staff". hmmmm.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


took a cue from tibibord. go figure

Googlism for: tina b

tina b is an artist known equally for her eclectic solo
tina b is next
tina b is an artist known equally for her eclectic

anything but gay

in my previous post i said i was going to the gay and lesbian party in baguio. the article i read said they were expecting about 1000 delegates. i was excited, of course.

when i got to the party, there were a lot of people in the lobby. the crew of "out!" was there, cameras and all. there were several gays in drag and they looked great! there was someone there wearing a pink sequined stetson hat (don't know if i got it right). rainbow colored feather boas were all over the place. saw a lot of my friends there, too.

the curious thing about it was that, all the people were in the lobby. the convention center was practically empty. there were 3 people onstage dancing and a few people seated at the sides. empty. almost.

the people i saw at the lobby composed the party. and most of them left. we got our complimentary beers and got plastic cups half-filled with foam.

we decided to just go to another bar.

it's sad because i think the organizers had such high hopes. but then in my humble opinion, i think it was a bit ambitious. the venue was too big to begin with. it felt cold and distant inside that venue. it wasn't really advertised very well. the only time i heard about it was about 3-4 days before the event. and i was in baguio already.

maybe this will be a lesson for their future events. i hope they have more success.

Friday, November 12, 2004

tomorrow night is going to be fun

hmmm. there's going to be a party tomorrow at the baguio convention center. it's about 2 minutes away from my house.

the party is going to be a launching party for the lumina project, which is "a charter convention or gathering of all gay and lesbian people and organizations, together with straight people, to create and strengthen a network to showcase their talents and achievements, as well as to allow them to 'come together in a collective voice of reason, sobriety and enjoyment.'"

(see story here)

outfits should be straight from the 60's. sounds like fun!

so as soon as goshi and ed arrive tomorrow, we're going to hit the ukay to get some 60's clothes.

those in the area might want to check it out. see ya!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

"go do that voodoo that you do so well"

or so my horoscope from yesterday advised me. saw it today because i've been staying away from the papers.

"cancer: you want to be free to do your own thing now. you don't want others bossing yuo around. you feel prankish, playful and flirtatious. ('go do tht voodoo that you do so well.')"

hmmm. sounds like a plan.


i entered up diliman as a geodetic engineering freshman. geodetic engineering. my block was D7, which included students from the other engineering fields.

natural, dahil freshman ako, tatanga-tanga. i met a couple of girls, kathy and cora. they were nice to me, told me what to do with my classcard, and basically helped me along. kasi absent ako nung first day.

then they introduced me to emman. mataray si emman, mga kapatid. i never thought we'd be friends. feeling niya, di daw ako ma-reach. feeling ko pag kasama ko sya, ang tanga tanga ko. particularly in math. (oo, ibinagsak ko ang math)

anyways, we became friends. (or i'd like to think so) hehehe. over the years we've seen each other about 3 times a year. he comes to my birthdays, and roasts my friends to everyone's delight.

today is his birthday. happy birthday emman.

alam mo, mas masaya ang buhay kasi anjan ka. :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


my sister brought out the playstation a couple of days ago. she hogged it the first day and played crash bandicoot till 5 in the morning. yesterday, however, i wanted to use the dancepads. yes. dancepads.

to my great disappointment, the dance revolution cds were gone. but i, the ever persistent i, decided i was going to do the dancepad thing. so i got the dragonball-z cd. man oh man.

t was on the other pad. i tell you, trying to eke out a fireball by stomping repeatedly on the pad will really tire you out. but seeing that small burst of light and knocking out your opponent more than make up for the fatigue.

as of now, i am the undefeated dancepad dragonball-z champion. ha. [insert string of japanese words here]

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

it's inhuman

brought carlo to school this morning. there i was, blurry-eyed from sleep, with my hair standing on end (not really. my hair never stands on end), negotiating the early morning traffic a little after 7.

i suddenly remembered how it was when we were in grade school. back then there was no traffic to speak of but our school was a full 25 minutes away from the house. our classes started at 7:15.

it was hell trying to wake up in the morning. specially during the months from september to february. the fog would come in, the sun would be hiding, and it was always so very cold. when i think about it i realize that it was like some sort of punishment. these days i find it difficult to get up early -- and that's in manila. what more for these kids?

but then again they're probably used to waking up really early for school. and sleeping early to boot. all i know is that carlo was all perky by the time i woke up. although i seem to recall my sister insisting that he wake up already or he'll be late for school..

oh well. i'm glad i'm not back in grade school. but now i'm wishing i was back in high school. sigh.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

the unpleasant profession of jonathan hoag

diplomat is a second hand bookstore here in baguio. i'm not sure if there are branches elsewhere.

the other day i found myself browsing their bargain bin. red tags meant the book costs only 5 bucks.

spent the better part of an hour browsing and before i left, my friend came across a heinlein book. i picked it up and added it to my stash. i bought the book because i was so fascinated by the title. the unpleasant profession of jonathan hoag. it's the 1976 edition.

turns out the book is a collection of short stories. finished reading the first story last night. nothing spectacular but hey, it's heinlein and i grok it. :)


yesterday the whole of baguio was plunged into darkness.... naks. hindi naman. there was no current from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. naturally carlo was bored and was wondering why.

carlo: lola bakit walang kuryente?
lola: kasi napag-isipan nung mga taga-beneco (electric cooperative here) na sabay sabay umihi. dahil walang magbabantay sa kuryente, ni-off na lang nila.
yan. ganyan sumagot ang nanay ko ng mga tanong. so we grew up stir-crazy. now she's doing it to carlo.

happy di ba? we may be dysfunctional, but there is never a dull moment in this house. and i like that just fine.

Friday, November 05, 2004


as a reward for doing his kumon homework, i brought my 8 year old nephew carlo to the mall. i made him choose between buying film for his camera, or buying a toy. he chose the toy.

off we went to toy kingdom. he headed straight for the cars. i was a little surprised that he chose a sedan type car which cost less than a hundred bucks. but i wasn't about to complain. :)

he asked for fries so we ended up in mcdonald's. i was pleasantly surprised to find that twister fries are back! so i got twister fries for carlo and a cup of milo for me.

over fries we had this conversation:

carlo: tignan mo tong car ko, kakulay ni bogart o. (bogart is my box-type lancer. navy blue)
me: oo nga ano? pareho silang blue.
carlo: tita, ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng bogart?
me: wala. pangalan lang sya nung car.
carlo: hindi, yung bogart yung nasa loob ng ilong (while pretending to put something into his nose.)
me: (syempre gulat!) HINDEH! BOOGER YUN!
carlo: ah.

after which he went back to eating his fries.

toy car: P79.75
fries and milo: 64.00
booger conversation: priceless.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


i'm a bum again.

here i am, eating breakfast in front of the computer, listening to the rolling stones sing "miss you."

i put my cell phone far away from me, and i have no deadlines or pressing appointments.

chatting with some friends who are now at work, and answering emails i haven't been able to reply to in the past 3 weeks.

so far it's been good. went out for a drink last night but went home early because i was too lazy to drink any more.

hmmm. knowing myself i will get tired of doing nothing in about 3 days. then where will i be?

oh well. enjoying it while it lasts. job-hunting to commence soon.

back to my hot chocolate.