Thursday, November 18, 2004

anything but gay

in my previous post i said i was going to the gay and lesbian party in baguio. the article i read said they were expecting about 1000 delegates. i was excited, of course.

when i got to the party, there were a lot of people in the lobby. the crew of "out!" was there, cameras and all. there were several gays in drag and they looked great! there was someone there wearing a pink sequined stetson hat (don't know if i got it right). rainbow colored feather boas were all over the place. saw a lot of my friends there, too.

the curious thing about it was that, all the people were in the lobby. the convention center was practically empty. there were 3 people onstage dancing and a few people seated at the sides. empty. almost.

the people i saw at the lobby composed the party. and most of them left. we got our complimentary beers and got plastic cups half-filled with foam.

we decided to just go to another bar.

it's sad because i think the organizers had such high hopes. but then in my humble opinion, i think it was a bit ambitious. the venue was too big to begin with. it felt cold and distant inside that venue. it wasn't really advertised very well. the only time i heard about it was about 3-4 days before the event. and i was in baguio already.

maybe this will be a lesson for their future events. i hope they have more success.

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