Wednesday, November 10, 2004


my sister brought out the playstation a couple of days ago. she hogged it the first day and played crash bandicoot till 5 in the morning. yesterday, however, i wanted to use the dancepads. yes. dancepads.

to my great disappointment, the dance revolution cds were gone. but i, the ever persistent i, decided i was going to do the dancepad thing. so i got the dragonball-z cd. man oh man.

t was on the other pad. i tell you, trying to eke out a fireball by stomping repeatedly on the pad will really tire you out. but seeing that small burst of light and knocking out your opponent more than make up for the fatigue.

as of now, i am the undefeated dancepad dragonball-z champion. ha. [insert string of japanese words here]

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