Saturday, November 27, 2004

inconsiderate bastards

i suppose everyone's heard of the meningococcal disease in baguio. i see it on the news and people keep asking me about it, since they know i am from baguio.

for the past 2 weeks we have been looking for the vaccine. i have a niece and a nephew who were not given the vaccine. naturally we were worried because these are children who don't know any better. although one is an infant and stays home all the time, the boy goes to school. he does not know the concept of avoidance. he will not avoid his classmate who is sneezing, nor will he stop playing with his friend because that friend has cough. no matter what you tell kids, they will keep on playing with their friends.

so we kept searching. there are no available vaccines in the hospitals in manila. i called up some friends from iloilo and leyte. no luck. finally we got word that there were available vaccines from the DOH. when we asked if we could get some, we were told that the vaccines were sent to baguio. my sister, who is a pediatrician, said they still couldn't get any.

i asked another friend to order from a pharmaceutical company. the same word. they couldn't get any. they said that the vaccines were being hoarded.

tangina nila. what do they want? they want to up the price of the vaccine so it will be available only to those who can afford it? fucking inconsiderate bastards.

i hope they get what's coming to them. in the meantime we can only keep searching for vaccines, perhaps call our relatives abroad.

and pray.

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