Saturday, January 31, 2004

thank the big guy up there for small blessings

i am thankful that i can reach the middle rail of the mrt.

this text message made my week

a friend was asking how to change a flat tire:

"um, one last question. which direction do the bolts unloosen? is it counterclockwise?"

yes ladies and gentlemen. counterclockwise.

the tire was successfully installed and now she owes me a beer. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2004

getting the hang of


i'm doing pretty okay. my body clock is set already but dang. i will never get used to the mrt. or maybe i don't want to.

i don't want to look like most of them who stare blankly into space. that's why when somebody on the train comments, i comment back. keeps things interesting.



more when i get online at home. am just borrowing a pc.

oh, and makati is such a small place.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

now i sad

my sister left some comments. she says my little banshee seems to be looking for me. i sad.

leaving that baby behind was one of the things i had to contend with when i accepted this job. i've been taking care of her for some time now and i miss her very much, along with the boys.

i only hope she recognizes me when i come home.

naiiyak tuloy ako.

Friday, January 23, 2004

getting morbid

my tobstone will read:


Thursday, January 22, 2004

mrt blues

i've been taking the mrt for the past what? 4, 5 days? and so far, this is what i have observed:

...if you're lazy, join the rush hour crowd. all you have to do is stand up and lo and behold, the crowd picks you up and you move without budging a muscle;

...everybody smells good at 7 am;

...chivalry is not dead. i have been asked to sit down a number of times;

...very few people make eye contact;

...wearing blouses is a bitch. my blouse popped open because people kept jostling me;

...the very same crowd that got my blouse open covered me up;

...people tend to walk very fast, even during non-rush hours;

...wearing sandals to work is good practice. wearing heels in the mrt is plain painful.

...the so-called yellow tiles are not yellow;

...the mirror tiles make it possible to look up a girl's skirt (a friend pointed this out);

...i am a very patient person. several people are still alive despite having pushed my face practically against the door;

...girls are more vicious than guys;

...only 1 out of 10 people smile back at you if you smile at them;

...if i could change the world, empty carriages would pick up passengers in quezon avenue.

sigh. dx6490 dx6490 dx6490 dx6490 dx6490. this is my mantra.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

this is why i'm working for the next 4 months

this is why. the kodak dx6490

my favorite bayaw says the resolution is better than his ultra-super-high-tech-top-of-the-line-thousands-of-pesos-worth nikon.

this is why i wear decent shoes, decent clothes, and take the mrt everyday.

it had better be worth it.

but i am not opposed to it being a gift. :D

and that is all i'm going to say about that.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

panting butas at bacon

overheard conversation:

girl1: nagpunta nga si ___ sa bahay ko, nakita niya na yung mga panty ko butas na at wala nang garter. sabi niya libo-libo daw ang kinikita ko tapos di pa ko makabili ng panty.
girl2: eh bakit hindi ka bumili ng panty? maganda yung mga victoria's secret na panties.
girl1: hay naku! hindi mo ko mapapabili ng branded na panties no!
girl2: bakit?
girl1: basta! alam mo yung mga tig-50 na panties sa landmark? yun!
girl2: eh yun yung mga naba-bacon di ba?
girl1: bakit bacon?
girl2: kasi parang bacon na yung garter! parang sa brief.
onlyguy: may kilala nga ako na hinihintay niyang ma-bacon yung brief niya eh. para magkasya.

i sat there wondering if they were aware that they were talking loud enough for the girl at the next table to hear. they left after a while. but they got me wondering. madali nga bang ma-bacon ang mga binebenta sa landmark?

moral of the story: never sit alone at a table when the next table is a foot away from you. you're bound to hear things.

my feet fell off

i walked about 5 kilometers yesterday. no kidding. went for a medical exam. my blood pressure and pulse rate rose and the nurse who was taking them asked, "malayo ang nilakad mo ano?" i had to nod. sigh.

funny thing about it is that as i was walking feeling tired and blue, my defense mechanism kicked in. i started singing "sunny days, sweeping the clouds away...." yes. the theme from sesame street.

it freaked me out at first. but i kept on singing just the same. actually made me feel better. sigh. sigh. sigh.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

the powers that be are not so cruel after all

after posting last night my sister and i went out. we went to the bar to celebrate my getting a job. yes, a job.

we started out slow because we had to serve. there was a reggae band and man, that guy (his name is badjao) is probably bob marley reincarnated. anyway, around 11 we started dancing.

the band wrapped up around 1230 and another band picked up the slack.

people started leaving around 130. we had the bar all to ourselves. me, my sister, my sister's boyfriend, an artist, the bar manager, our jester, the lead singer of daluyon and the part-time-student-part-time-cashier. we got wild. :D

we closed the bar and started singing. then we got up on the bar and danced. before we knew it, it was 4 am.

we went home a little before 5. i was dead drunk but happy. and i seemed to have exchanged jackets with someone.

all in all a fun night. probably to make up for the day.

i happy today.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

i really should have stayed in bed

was depressed last night and i didn't really want to get up. but we seldom get to do what we want.

so i got up.

had errands to do today. had to have some affidavits notarized, finish making another affidavit, file a motion for reconsideration, get my nbi clearance, pay my phone bills and be the all around errand girl.

finished the affidavit. then my sister said there was a shoe sale, 40 percent off.

off we went. we couldn't find parking along session road so we had to go to sm. then i saw some cops. they were apprehending somebody. i looked at the plates and realized, to my horror, that we were next. number coding. my sister, the honorable prosecutor, started laughing.

sigh. strike one. i did get to pay my phone bill though.

went home to pick up the affidavits. passed by the nbi. i was told to come back next week. my name generated a hit.

HEYNG? strike two.

went to file the motion. printed the address on the envelope wrong. somebody punched holes in the original copy of the motion. oh well. forgot the motion i was supposed to file on my dad's table. had to have it picked up. but it got filed.

and if that's not strike three, i'm going to scream.

went to the bar and was cooking spaghetti when i ran out of gas.


sigh. should have stayed under the comforter then maybe i'll get up tomorrow and find out that it's finally my day.

haaaaay. buhay nga naman.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

di ko na matiis

hindi ko siguro dapat isulat ito dito. pero kailangan ko magkwento. dun sa mga nakakaalam at nakakita na kay c, alam niyo naman siguro kung gaano namin kamahal yung bata. gusto ko lang maglabas ng sama ng loob.

nasabi ko na nakatira na si c sa bahay. di ko nasabi kung bakit.

eto ang kwento niya. sana paglaki niya, maintindihan niya kung bakit dito na siya nakatira sa amin.

adopted siya.

akala kasi nung mag-asawang kumupkop sa kanya, di na sila magkakaanak, kaya nung may ipinaalagang bata (sa madaling sabi, ipinamigay) sa kanila, kinuha nila.

2 years old siya nun. di pa marunong magsalita. di marunong kumain ng kendi. di takot sa dilim. umiiyak lang pag gutom. di marunong kumain ng ice cream. di malikot. tahimik.

iniwan kasi siya ng mga magulang niya sa isang tiyahin. e nagbebenta lang sa palengke yung tiyahin niya kaya di naalagaan. kaya naawa lalo. naghanap ang tiyahin ng ibang mag-aaruga.

nung una, masaya silang tatlo. mabait siyang bata. masayahin. guwapo pa. sino ba naman ang hindi matutuwa?

tapos, nalaman nila na buntis pala ang mama niya. natuwa yung papa. pero simula noon, napabayaan na yung bata. magkakaroon na kasi sila ng sarili nilang anak. sarili nilang dugo.

naging mabagal ang progress ni c. pero ok lang kasi bago lahat ang mga nararanasan niya. naintindihan namin yun. medyo bulol pa siyang magsalita. pero napakatalino nung bata. at magaling kumanta. at malambing. pero sa amin lang. kasi kami lang ang nagpapakita ng pagmamahal at pag-aaruga na dapat sa kanya.

habang lumalaki siya, lalong nag-iiba ang pagtingin at pagtrato sa kanya ng mga "magulang" niya. kasi nga, may iba nang bata. parang hindi nila siya anak. pati yung mga katulong, di siya itinuturing na anak nung mag-asawa. tanga kasi sila.

naawa kami kasi mabait siyang bata. pero sa mga mata nila, wala na siyang nagawang tama.

tingin nila sa kanya mahina ang ulo. para hindi na siya kulitin, parang pinabayaan niyang ganun na lang. dati marunong na siyang magbasa. ngayon, ayaw na niyang magbasa. sasabihin na lang niya na di niya alam. para wala nang mahabang kwento. o di kaya para lambingin siguro siya. hindi ko alam.

dumating ang panahon na ayaw na nung "papa" niya na dun siya sa kanila. kasi daw, natututong gumawa ng masama yung nakababatang kapatid. ginagaya daw siya. tangina. ni hindi nga bumabawi yun kapag sinasaktan siya nung mas bata. iiyak na lang siya. dahil hindi napapagalitan yung isa. siya lang ang mali. siya daw ang nakatatanda. siya ang umintindi, kahit sinasaktan siya. di nila naisip na bata din siya.

nung nalaman namin na ayaw na siya dun, nagpasya kami na dito na siya tumira. ayaw nung mama niya, pero nasunod yung papa. dahil sabi niya baka daw lumaking tarantado yung nakababata.

buti na rin siguro. dito, lahat ng tao mahal siya. hindi siya pinapabayaan. malinis siya parati at hindi tanga yung mga kasama namin sa bahay. marunong silang mag-alaga ng bata. at marunong din silang maglambing. gaya namin.

sana lang hindi pa huli ang lahat. nakikita ko siyang nalulungkot dahil malayo yung mga kapatid niya. pero wala kaming magagawa. hindi na namin siya ibabalik. tama na ang nagawa sa kanya.

hindi sila masasamang tao. hindi lang siguro sila marunong umintindi. o di kaya madamot sila sa pagmamahal. lalo na sa hindi nila kadugo.

hindi ko alam. basta lahat kami dito nagpasya na lahat ng pagmamahal ay ibibigay. at tuturuan din namin siya kung paano magmahal.

at paglaki niya, sana maunawaan niya kung bakit ang mama at papa niya ay nakatira sa ibang bahay. at dito na siya sa amin.

i just got evicted

well not really.

c is living with us now and i had to make way for him. and since my room is practically a boy's room, he's at home in it.

there's the cookie monster mona lisa on one wall, the cookie monster thinker on another, the sesame street gang on my mirror, a dragon on another wall, brass chimes with the sun, moon and stars, glass curtain with sun moon and stars, and everything in the room is blue. :)

i hope he comes to love the room the way i have.

and i hope we can give him all the love he deserves.

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

Monday, January 12, 2004

nating lang

Read Me A Story
this version sung by Zoe (Fran Brill) and Big Bird (Carroll Spinney)


Zoe: Big Bird?
Big Bird: Yeah, Zoe?
Zoe: Ya know what I like best?
Big Bird: What?
Zoe: Learning to read.
Big Bird: Oh, me too.
Zoe: Big Bird, ya know what else I like best?
Big Bird: No, what?
Zoe: When a grown-up reads to me. I wish a grown-up would read me this book, right now!
Big Bird: Hmmm ... well, I know a good way to get them to do it.
Zoe: You do?
Big Bird: Sure, now you're Maria, see? (music starts) So, I bring you my book, and I say ... Maria?
Zoe: Yes, Big Bird?


Big Bird: Read me a story
Read me a rhyme
Something that happened
Once upon a time
It can have monsters
Princesses too
Wonderful kingdoms
Make-believe or true
Read me a story
And when it's through
Here's what I promise to do
Read me a story
And when I can read
I'll read one to you


See? You make 'em an offer they can't refuse!
Zoe: If I was Maria, I'd read to you.
Big Bird: Oh, and there she is! Look, you sing her this song and I'll bet she'll do it, okay?
Zoe: Yeah, yeah .... Maria? Maria?
Maria: Yes, Zoe?
Zoe: Maria, I wanna ask you something.


Read me a story
Read me a rhyme
Something that happened
Once upon a time
It can have monsters
Princesses too
Wonderful kingdoms
Make-believe or true
Read me a story
And when it's through
Here's what I promise to do
Read me a story
And when I can read
I'll read one to you
Read me a story
And when I can read
I'll read one to you

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss


job offer. 4 months. not bad.

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

Sunday, January 11, 2004

sibling rivalry

the kids spent the day here today. that's 2 boys and my tiny little girl whose picture appears below.

the 2 boys are a handful. we have to constantly remind them to share, to eat, to stop making footprints in each other's faces, to wash their hands, and of course, to be nice to each other.

around mid-afternoon one of the boys started complaining that he had a headache. and of feeling dizzy. so we let him rest on the sofa and tucked a blanket around him. the other boy was very accommodating. he got water for his kuya, ran errands for him, and basically tried to be nice. no mean feat for a 4 year old.

then he got tired. and started complaining that he had a headache too, and that he wanted to lie down. he probably noticed that his kuya was getting all the attention. when my sister cradled kuya on her lap, he wanted to be carried to. when my brother in law carried kuya wrapped in a blanket and slung like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder, the ading (term for younger sibling in ilocano) wanted to be carried like a sack of potatoes too.

i guess it cannot be helped that children will vie for attention. but then i can't seem to remember going through the same thing when i was small.

there were 8 of us. then my older brother died when he was 14. (i thought i would die at 14, too, but that's a different story.)

there were 7 of us left, 1 boy and 6 girls, with yours truly being the youngest of the lot.

we were spaced at 2 years apart, which is a pretty short gap when you're that many. this probably accounts for the fact (yes, fact) that we don't compete with each other. sibling rivalry did not and does not exist in our family. at least not among us girls.

we were so close that it felt absurd to be envious or jealous of each other. we were too proud of each other's achievements to even care that they were getting more recognition.

people keep asking if i sing as well as my sister. i say no. with a smile. because i don't really care that i don't sing as well. we all have our talents and if i sang well, aba, marami na ang magagalit. akala nila alang favorite si papa jesus. hehehe.

seriously though, i think we grew up pretty well. nobody got jealous of the others, and nobody competed with each other. we all went our own ways, somehow. with different likes and hobbies.

looking at the kids i found myself thankful that we grew up the way we did.

or maybe it's because we're girls that we're so well adjusted.

yes. that explains it. that explains it all.
"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

Friday, January 09, 2004

my little banshee

this little creature can scream her head off and can probably make anyone deaf in one ear and incapable of hearing out of the other. but only when she's hungry. :)

she's the sweetest tiny little girl there is.

and as soon as i am able, i'm going to make a playmate for her. hehehe.

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss


check out the january 8 entry of
kwentong tambay and join the fray.

funny. :)


it's 2 am. just got home from the bar and am burning cds.

was a little depressed and a lot pissed today.

went shopping for my nephew's birthday today. ordinarily i would have enjoyed shopping for a child's birthday party. but i was pissed as hell.

the little boy having the party is not the favorite, see. the second one is. the younger brother. when he had his birthday party, the parents spent almost 30 thousand to bring everybody to a water resort. the kids had a grand time. why not? it was practically a child's dream to spend his birthday swimming the whole day.

and there i was shopping. on a budget, because we were spending for the birthday. the only contribution of the parents was the cake. and they didn't even order it ahead. so it was impossible to get a cake done to specs.

when i went around the mall there were no loot bags to match the invitations. buzz lightyear, supposed to be. i had to get kim possible loot bags. i had to get harry potter balloons because there were no buzz lightyear balloons. there were no fancy napkins, or paper plates. i had to get plain ones. even the cups looked cheap because that was the only kind i found.

i felt so bad because when the younger one had his birthday, everything matched. everything was perfect. the parents were almost panicking because they wanted everything hitch free.

and yet there i was trying to make my purchases fit into the budget that my dad gave me. in the end i used my credit card. i told myself that i would not use it. but this was different. i refuse to let the older son feel unwanted and unloved. to hell with my credit card bill.

i splurged on some give-aways. bought empty cds and picked songs from my sesame street collection to burn for the children. i am currently burning cds. i have more than 10 to go.

good thing sassy is here. sassy is my sister's laptop.

i am going to make this birthday special, with or without the help of the older son's parents.

he's special. and he deserves nothing less.

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

Thursday, January 08, 2004

booger central

just came from sm. and though i probably used the escalators a dozen times, i didn't hold on to the handrails.

my brother in law calls these booger central. and when you really think about it, he's probably right. thousands of fingers hold on to those handrails. i would bet that very few have just been washed. i don't want to think about where they have been!

eeeewwww.... (insert a calvin face here.)

thought about it. met some friends there and told them about it. and then they didn't want to hold on anymore. hehehe.

eh kadiri eh. it seemed only fair and just that i tell my friends so they can avoid it too. that's what friends do. you help them avoid booger central.

hehehe. yeck.

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

i'm a little more sane now

yes. slept at 230 and woke up around 8.

i am not as crazy as i was last night. i am calm, collected, and a little melancholy.

after posting last night i checked my online mail. i was looking at the list of folders and decided to delete their contents to clean up the mailbox. i was floored.

mails dating back to the time when internet was in its infancy were in the folders. from different people i have had some contact with. some were funny. most were about goodbyes.

now why do i keep all these goodbye mails?

probably because along with the goodbyes come professions of love, of eternal caring, along all that chuchu. "if there were no goodbyes, would you say that you still cared?" (this is an old song, by the way.)

stuff that makes anybody's heart flutter. flattery.

yes, i am not immune to these things.

i decided to keep them.

so when i woke up i found myself missing them a little and wondering how they are.

still wondering now. but hunger getting the better of me.

gmrng. :D

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

the world is curved around the edges

got me new glasses.

one of my lenses upped and gave up on me in cebu so i've been wearing my contacts since then. i got my new glasses today.

good choice. they're very elegant, pretty light, but horribly fragile. i guess i'm going to have to be extra careful with them.

had a difficult time today though. contact lenses are convenient because they cover the whole cornea and therefore correction is total when you're wearing them. when i wear glasses the sides are practically blurred and i have to make sure i look through the center.

why am i writing about my glasses?

because i have something to do and i don't want to do it yet and so am procrastinating and pretty soon i'll be sleepy and nothing will get done and then my sister will be mad but am still on vacation mode and it would really be nice to go back to reading prince caspian of the chronicles of narnia and why is it that when we have something important to do so many things present themselves and seem more important like the dirt in my glasses or the spyware in hadji that's my laptop's name or the lamp which goes off on its own accord or the party we're planning for friday to celebrate carlo's birthday in school or my feet which are feeling really cold right now but will perhaps feel warmer if i wore thick socks but am too lazy to get up and fetch a pair of socks so i will let them freeze a little longer then maybe a little later they will feel up to walking which would probably be when my back hurts really bad already because then i will have no choice but to stand up you see this chair is not ergonomic it's your everyday run of the mill monobloc chair or is it monoblock and it's not the right height for a computer table where hadji is sitting right now so i really have to stand up and stretch and maybe get a blanket to use aside from the socks because now my back is feeling cold and my fingers are next and if that happens then what will happen to the motion and affidavit that i'm supposed to be making and that i'm trying to avoid but i know i have to finish them tonight so there i really have to stand up and stretch and finish these things and i think i've done enough procrastinating and i should go back to that work but first i'm posting this then i'm going to stand up and drink some water stretch get some socks and a blanket and maybe something to elevate hadji so my back doesn't get strained so much and then maybe i'll finish the motion and affidavit did you know that the moon is full tonight as indicated by the moon phases to your right and that is probably why i am acting crazy like i always do when the moon is full.

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

tumaba ang puso ko

there is no way i can say this in english. not if i want to capture the essence of the statement. my heart got fattened? i got flattened? este flattered pala?

i digress.

last night i had a little crisis while making my resume. i worked for almost 2 years in a research company. since we had a confidentiality clause, i didn't know what to specify as my job description. simply writing "research" is too general. so i called my boss but he wasn't there. sent a text message. this is what he said:

"one of the top-rated law student researchers. analyzed laws, organized those related, and pointed out both clear and possible conflicts between different laws."

he said it was the least he could do for my trek to a very promising career.

i was almost in tears. i had always thought that i was pretty okay at what i do. but never thought of myself as top-rated. it gave me a little boost (okay, okay, a big boost) and i felt a little more confident.

thanks sir s.

world, here i come!

getting seious

stayed up half the night trying to make my resume.

it's a tough task. trying to recall all the work-related things i have done over the years and the duration you were doing them is difficult, specially if you haven't been keeping track of your payslips.

and trying to sound efficient but not self-congratulatory is also hard. para kasing nagbubuhat ka talaga ng sariling bangko.

but then again, it's like making a sales pitch. you're selling yourself. giving them all your best qualities and hoping that they won't see through your minor exaggerations.

i'm scared shitless. i know that sooner or later (sooner i hope) i'm going to have to start working. really working.

sigh. well, good luck to me.

but, as j says, if they're not impressed with my qualifications, i can always distract them with my picture. :)

Monday, January 05, 2004

kung mangarap ka't magising at kung saan na napadpad

dahil tagalog ang title, tagalog din ang blog.

nanuod kami ng tagalog movie sa sine pinoy. si dindo fernando, laurice guillen, gloria diaz, eddie garcia at si janice de belen. maganda yung palabas, pero medyo magulo. at malungkot. eto yung nakakainis. nung malapit nang matapos yung palabas at happy ending na sana, naputol. biglang may lumabas na "up next."

hindi maiwasang magmura kami dahil gusto naming malaman kung paano magtatapos ang pelikula. ang masakit pa nun, di namin nasimulan. di namin alam ang pamagat. nakakaiyak.

nag-usap na lang kami kasi ang sumunod na palabas ay "uubusin ko ang lahi mo!" di namin gusto manuod ng barilan kaya nagkwentuhan na lang kami.

napag-usapan namin ang pelikulang "kung mangarap ka't magising."

napanood ko ito nung grade 6 ako. napanood ko ulit nung 2001. natuwa ako nung una ko itong napanood. pati nung pangalawang beses, natuwa ako. gusto rin pala ng ate ko yung palabas. kaya sabi ko, hahanap ako ng kopya.

nag-yahoo ako. tama ang hinala ko. di siya ibinebenta sa pilipinas. pero meron sa kabayan central. dollars ang bayad. pero sulit naman ito. papatulan ko na siguro. o di kaya tatawag ako sa lvn pictures.

balik sa yahoo. may nakita akong isang site. ang pangalan, kwentong tambay. nabanggit niya rin yung pelikula.

pinuntahan ko yung site niya. naaliw ako. nakakatawa yung listahan niya ng kinaiinisan. pati na rin yung mga post niya.

kaya eto. daan kayo dun. natawa ako. at nawala na ang inis ko sa sine pinoy. kahit di ko na nakita ang katapusan nung pinapanood namin. umabot naman ako sa singapore eh.


remembered the priest's parting shot to end his homily.

"may you find your star. and may you be a star to someone else."


blogging in between

am baking at the moment. and since i have nothing better to do in between batches of cookies, might as well blog.

ooops. gotta go. burning cookies.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

mean priest

went to mass and had a great time. yes. mass. great time.

the priest was funny. i don't know who he is but i suppose it would be to everyone's advantage if he remained nameless. this is what he said (or as close as i can reconstruct), you see:

"it is the feast of the three kings. and we have to be thankful. for our blessings. for our faces. yes, kahit mukha kang baboy-ramo! ikaw lang ang may ganyang mukha! be thankful!

may nagpabinyag sa akin. i asked what the name of the child was. and they said 'princess.' i said, come again? because she looked anything but a princess. ang pangit-pangit nung bata! and they told me that i heard right and the child's name was princess. and i looked at their faces and i saw the sweetest smiles. and i said to myself, they will be good parents. they were thankful and they learned to appreciate their own product..."

i swear i almost choked when i heard him say ang pangit pangit nung bata. i only hope the parents were not attending the mass at the time. and to think he's not even good-looking! :)

but he got the point across. we should be thankful. and right there and then i wanted to make a list of what i was thankful for. so i suppose i'll post that tomorrow.

i like that priest. went home feeling light and glad that i didn't hear anything about the casino in baguio, about the politicians, about the upcoming elections. and that's the way the mass should be.

Friday, January 02, 2004

i hate clive barker

finished abarat. and was left hanging.

turns out it is the first of 4 installments and the rest are not yet out. or finished. i dunno.

sigh. bad bad bad. :(

but still, happy new year. :D

i welcome the new year

with cookies!

made a batch of cookies for some family friends and of course, for my family. we had a fun lazy day (does that bode well for the new year? hmmmm). was mixing ingredients while watching count of monte cristo with the rest of the family. it is a current favorite of the family.

anyways, went to church with my dad then was off to meet some high school classmates for a yearly get-together and chismis session. a couple of classmates are getting married, some separating, a few babies were born, some on the way, and of course, some of us are still single. :)

twas fun catching up. took a stroll before going home and we were pleasantly surprised. there were only a few people out and about. and there was wonderful fog.

we all had the same thoughts. this was the baguio we grew up in. the baguio we knew. and it felt good. and right.

eventually we had to go home and i went to sleep thinking i had a good day. and thankful for that good day.

happy new year to me. :) and the fact that my back and my butt still hurt like hell from horseback riding and that i was practically sakang didn't bother me one whit.

i pray this is going to be a good year.