Wednesday, January 07, 2004

the world is curved around the edges

got me new glasses.

one of my lenses upped and gave up on me in cebu so i've been wearing my contacts since then. i got my new glasses today.

good choice. they're very elegant, pretty light, but horribly fragile. i guess i'm going to have to be extra careful with them.

had a difficult time today though. contact lenses are convenient because they cover the whole cornea and therefore correction is total when you're wearing them. when i wear glasses the sides are practically blurred and i have to make sure i look through the center.

why am i writing about my glasses?

because i have something to do and i don't want to do it yet and so am procrastinating and pretty soon i'll be sleepy and nothing will get done and then my sister will be mad but am still on vacation mode and it would really be nice to go back to reading prince caspian of the chronicles of narnia and why is it that when we have something important to do so many things present themselves and seem more important like the dirt in my glasses or the spyware in hadji that's my laptop's name or the lamp which goes off on its own accord or the party we're planning for friday to celebrate carlo's birthday in school or my feet which are feeling really cold right now but will perhaps feel warmer if i wore thick socks but am too lazy to get up and fetch a pair of socks so i will let them freeze a little longer then maybe a little later they will feel up to walking which would probably be when my back hurts really bad already because then i will have no choice but to stand up you see this chair is not ergonomic it's your everyday run of the mill monobloc chair or is it monoblock and it's not the right height for a computer table where hadji is sitting right now so i really have to stand up and stretch and maybe get a blanket to use aside from the socks because now my back is feeling cold and my fingers are next and if that happens then what will happen to the motion and affidavit that i'm supposed to be making and that i'm trying to avoid but i know i have to finish them tonight so there i really have to stand up and stretch and finish these things and i think i've done enough procrastinating and i should go back to that work but first i'm posting this then i'm going to stand up and drink some water stretch get some socks and a blanket and maybe something to elevate hadji so my back doesn't get strained so much and then maybe i'll finish the motion and affidavit did you know that the moon is full tonight as indicated by the moon phases to your right and that is probably why i am acting crazy like i always do when the moon is full.

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

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