Tuesday, January 06, 2004

tumaba ang puso ko

there is no way i can say this in english. not if i want to capture the essence of the statement. my heart got fattened? i got flattened? este flattered pala?

i digress.

last night i had a little crisis while making my resume. i worked for almost 2 years in a research company. since we had a confidentiality clause, i didn't know what to specify as my job description. simply writing "research" is too general. so i called my boss but he wasn't there. sent a text message. this is what he said:

"one of the top-rated law student researchers. analyzed laws, organized those related, and pointed out both clear and possible conflicts between different laws."

he said it was the least he could do for my trek to a very promising career.

i was almost in tears. i had always thought that i was pretty okay at what i do. but never thought of myself as top-rated. it gave me a little boost (okay, okay, a big boost) and i felt a little more confident.

thanks sir s.

world, here i come!

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