Thursday, January 22, 2004

mrt blues

i've been taking the mrt for the past what? 4, 5 days? and so far, this is what i have observed:

...if you're lazy, join the rush hour crowd. all you have to do is stand up and lo and behold, the crowd picks you up and you move without budging a muscle;

...everybody smells good at 7 am;

...chivalry is not dead. i have been asked to sit down a number of times;

...very few people make eye contact;

...wearing blouses is a bitch. my blouse popped open because people kept jostling me;

...the very same crowd that got my blouse open covered me up;

...people tend to walk very fast, even during non-rush hours;

...wearing sandals to work is good practice. wearing heels in the mrt is plain painful.

...the so-called yellow tiles are not yellow;

...the mirror tiles make it possible to look up a girl's skirt (a friend pointed this out);

...i am a very patient person. several people are still alive despite having pushed my face practically against the door;

...girls are more vicious than guys;

...only 1 out of 10 people smile back at you if you smile at them;

...if i could change the world, empty carriages would pick up passengers in quezon avenue.

sigh. dx6490 dx6490 dx6490 dx6490 dx6490. this is my mantra.

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