Friday, January 02, 2004

i welcome the new year

with cookies!

made a batch of cookies for some family friends and of course, for my family. we had a fun lazy day (does that bode well for the new year? hmmmm). was mixing ingredients while watching count of monte cristo with the rest of the family. it is a current favorite of the family.

anyways, went to church with my dad then was off to meet some high school classmates for a yearly get-together and chismis session. a couple of classmates are getting married, some separating, a few babies were born, some on the way, and of course, some of us are still single. :)

twas fun catching up. took a stroll before going home and we were pleasantly surprised. there were only a few people out and about. and there was wonderful fog.

we all had the same thoughts. this was the baguio we grew up in. the baguio we knew. and it felt good. and right.

eventually we had to go home and i went to sleep thinking i had a good day. and thankful for that good day.

happy new year to me. :) and the fact that my back and my butt still hurt like hell from horseback riding and that i was practically sakang didn't bother me one whit.

i pray this is going to be a good year.

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