Thursday, January 08, 2004

i'm a little more sane now

yes. slept at 230 and woke up around 8.

i am not as crazy as i was last night. i am calm, collected, and a little melancholy.

after posting last night i checked my online mail. i was looking at the list of folders and decided to delete their contents to clean up the mailbox. i was floored.

mails dating back to the time when internet was in its infancy were in the folders. from different people i have had some contact with. some were funny. most were about goodbyes.

now why do i keep all these goodbye mails?

probably because along with the goodbyes come professions of love, of eternal caring, along all that chuchu. "if there were no goodbyes, would you say that you still cared?" (this is an old song, by the way.)

stuff that makes anybody's heart flutter. flattery.

yes, i am not immune to these things.

i decided to keep them.

so when i woke up i found myself missing them a little and wondering how they are.

still wondering now. but hunger getting the better of me.

gmrng. :D

"oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

-dr. seuss

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