Tuesday, January 06, 2004

getting seious

stayed up half the night trying to make my resume.

it's a tough task. trying to recall all the work-related things i have done over the years and the duration you were doing them is difficult, specially if you haven't been keeping track of your payslips.

and trying to sound efficient but not self-congratulatory is also hard. para kasing nagbubuhat ka talaga ng sariling bangko.

but then again, it's like making a sales pitch. you're selling yourself. giving them all your best qualities and hoping that they won't see through your minor exaggerations.

i'm scared shitless. i know that sooner or later (sooner i hope) i'm going to have to start working. really working.

sigh. well, good luck to me.

but, as j says, if they're not impressed with my qualifications, i can always distract them with my picture. :)

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