Wednesday, January 14, 2004

i really should have stayed in bed

was depressed last night and i didn't really want to get up. but we seldom get to do what we want.

so i got up.

had errands to do today. had to have some affidavits notarized, finish making another affidavit, file a motion for reconsideration, get my nbi clearance, pay my phone bills and be the all around errand girl.

finished the affidavit. then my sister said there was a shoe sale, 40 percent off.

off we went. we couldn't find parking along session road so we had to go to sm. then i saw some cops. they were apprehending somebody. i looked at the plates and realized, to my horror, that we were next. number coding. my sister, the honorable prosecutor, started laughing.

sigh. strike one. i did get to pay my phone bill though.

went home to pick up the affidavits. passed by the nbi. i was told to come back next week. my name generated a hit.

HEYNG? strike two.

went to file the motion. printed the address on the envelope wrong. somebody punched holes in the original copy of the motion. oh well. forgot the motion i was supposed to file on my dad's table. had to have it picked up. but it got filed.

and if that's not strike three, i'm going to scream.

went to the bar and was cooking spaghetti when i ran out of gas.


sigh. should have stayed under the comforter then maybe i'll get up tomorrow and find out that it's finally my day.

haaaaay. buhay nga naman.

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