Sunday, January 04, 2004

mean priest

went to mass and had a great time. yes. mass. great time.

the priest was funny. i don't know who he is but i suppose it would be to everyone's advantage if he remained nameless. this is what he said (or as close as i can reconstruct), you see:

"it is the feast of the three kings. and we have to be thankful. for our blessings. for our faces. yes, kahit mukha kang baboy-ramo! ikaw lang ang may ganyang mukha! be thankful!

may nagpabinyag sa akin. i asked what the name of the child was. and they said 'princess.' i said, come again? because she looked anything but a princess. ang pangit-pangit nung bata! and they told me that i heard right and the child's name was princess. and i looked at their faces and i saw the sweetest smiles. and i said to myself, they will be good parents. they were thankful and they learned to appreciate their own product..."

i swear i almost choked when i heard him say ang pangit pangit nung bata. i only hope the parents were not attending the mass at the time. and to think he's not even good-looking! :)

but he got the point across. we should be thankful. and right there and then i wanted to make a list of what i was thankful for. so i suppose i'll post that tomorrow.

i like that priest. went home feeling light and glad that i didn't hear anything about the casino in baguio, about the politicians, about the upcoming elections. and that's the way the mass should be.

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