Thursday, January 15, 2004

the powers that be are not so cruel after all

after posting last night my sister and i went out. we went to the bar to celebrate my getting a job. yes, a job.

we started out slow because we had to serve. there was a reggae band and man, that guy (his name is badjao) is probably bob marley reincarnated. anyway, around 11 we started dancing.

the band wrapped up around 1230 and another band picked up the slack.

people started leaving around 130. we had the bar all to ourselves. me, my sister, my sister's boyfriend, an artist, the bar manager, our jester, the lead singer of daluyon and the part-time-student-part-time-cashier. we got wild. :D

we closed the bar and started singing. then we got up on the bar and danced. before we knew it, it was 4 am.

we went home a little before 5. i was dead drunk but happy. and i seemed to have exchanged jackets with someone.

all in all a fun night. probably to make up for the day.

i happy today.

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