Tuesday, May 30, 2006


daming kimchi sa pilipinas. syet.


one of the most relaxing things for me is driving. when i'm depressed, angry, or even when i'm deliriously happy.

like cooking, it's something i know how to do, and do well. so it doesn't really need much thinking on my part. i just go into driving mode and head out. i always feel better after the drive ('cept maybe if i got stuck in traffic), specially with kojak. he and i are in sync.

i look at the road stretched out ahead of me and i actully feel my head clear and the farther i go, the better i feel. at the end of the drive i can face the world again.

but you know what? sometimes there just isn't enough road.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

and counting

happy 46th wedding anniversary mommy and daddy.

i look at you and i believe that forever is possible. no matter what.

drag vinci code

after all the hype and the months of waiting, i finally watched da vinci code.

my friends and i caught the last full show at gateway. the cinemas were packed (although there were about 6 cinemas showing the movie) and we got sucky seats (row Q1-Q4) because we reserved late.

i watched the trailers eagerly, in anticipation of the movie that caused so much uproar.

alas. despite two cups of coffee (this amount is usually enough to keep me awake the whole night, and i have to kill the insomnia with alcohol), i fell asleep soon after they turned away from the us embassy, woke up after they left the vault, fell asleep while they were in teabing's house, woke up in london... by this time the power naps i had gotten were taking effect. i was wide awake. well at least i think i was. i finished the movie.

i'm disappointed. the pace was slow and the acting left much to be desired. all in all, a drag. perhaps if i hadn't read the book first i would have seen it through. but i did read the book and the movie sucked.

but then again i was asleep half the time. so i suppose i'm going to have to watch it again (courtesy of our friendly neighborhood pirates) then i'll get back to you. maybe it will be better then.

in the meantime i lie in wait for x-men III. hugh jackman is there. in my book that's enough to make a movie interesting.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

mga munting bata sa munting buhangin

joined the production team. team building thingie (hehe). we cooked up a storm.

swept the house.

wreaked havoc in the water.
left the following day.

it was a lot of fun and for a moment there we were all little kids again. mga munting bata sa munting buhangin. :P o sige na nga, mga malalaking bata sa munting buhangin.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


after all this time, you can still stop my heart with a stare...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

start the day with a bang

or so they say.

saturday morning i woke up at 6 am because of a loud bang. the transformer about 15 meters away from my window went kaboom. my heart was pounding as i sat up in bed, thinking fire! the voltage dropped but my fan was still weakly turning.

had no choice. i got up despite promising myself that i'll get up mid morning. i looked out the window and i stared in fascination as i watched the current run up and down a tree branch that had somehow rested on the electric wires. the current was making a noise similar to that made by a light saber swishing through the air. ang galing.

i joined my neighbors in the parking area and watched as some firemen arrived. i stared in incredulous silence as they tried to put out an electric fire with water! of course the thing kept on blazing. the fire grew and crawled down the live tree. still they sprayed. after a while the water ran out and the tree was still ablaze.

i figured sooner or later the wire was going to break and the rain will put out the fire creeping up and down the tree. the wire did break and the fire was put out but i didn't have current anymore.

got out the perishables from the ref, cooked them all and went back to bed.

sent up a small thank you that no one was harmed. but after all was said and done all i could think about was "that was really really cool."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

quick update

hmmm. it's been over a month. lemme see what's been happening.

1. cut my hair short
2. went to galera
3. got a henna tattoo in galera and promptly developed a rash
4. got a new ipod video from my sister and brother in law (thank you yehey!)
5. got new glasses
6. had my car fixed
7. got my phone drowned in galera
8. got in touch with some old friends
9. got 2 new lawyers in the house (woohoo!!!!)
10. bought a teeny tiny subnotebook (second hand but great for word processing)
11. gained some odd number of pounds
12. went to leisure coast in dagupan
13. got sick
14. watched this movie called "beyond reanimator" (worth checking out, mind you. it's so bad you'll laugh your head off)
15. made and signed my first pleading since graduating from law school (ugh)
16. got my IBP id
17. paid my PTR dues (they fined me for paying late)

there. one of these days when i'm bored out of my wits i will expound on these things. there's a story behind each and every one. sigh.

back to work.