Wednesday, May 24, 2006

drag vinci code

after all the hype and the months of waiting, i finally watched da vinci code.

my friends and i caught the last full show at gateway. the cinemas were packed (although there were about 6 cinemas showing the movie) and we got sucky seats (row Q1-Q4) because we reserved late.

i watched the trailers eagerly, in anticipation of the movie that caused so much uproar.

alas. despite two cups of coffee (this amount is usually enough to keep me awake the whole night, and i have to kill the insomnia with alcohol), i fell asleep soon after they turned away from the us embassy, woke up after they left the vault, fell asleep while they were in teabing's house, woke up in london... by this time the power naps i had gotten were taking effect. i was wide awake. well at least i think i was. i finished the movie.

i'm disappointed. the pace was slow and the acting left much to be desired. all in all, a drag. perhaps if i hadn't read the book first i would have seen it through. but i did read the book and the movie sucked.

but then again i was asleep half the time. so i suppose i'm going to have to watch it again (courtesy of our friendly neighborhood pirates) then i'll get back to you. maybe it will be better then.

in the meantime i lie in wait for x-men III. hugh jackman is there. in my book that's enough to make a movie interesting.


  1. Some acquaintances who have read the book said it was ok. I said I didn't like it at all. Cinematography pa lang, hindi na maganda e. Halot nakatulog nga ako e dun rin a house ni Teabing! Tapos si Fache, hindi sya intimidating, unlike in the book.

    We watched X-Men3 last night. Sulit ito Jessie. Watch it! Syempre may mga X-Men purists na ayaw ang naging storyline kasi may mga binago from the comics pero may cameo appearance si Lee, so I take it that the changes were approved by the creator himself, so the changes were fine by me. Whatever those were, di ko rin nasundan story ng X-Men e :-)

  2. hehehe. di ko rin nasundan ang kwento ng x-men eh pero sabi ko nga...andun naman si hugh jackman. anything else would be a bonus. :D