Tuesday, May 16, 2006

start the day with a bang

or so they say.

saturday morning i woke up at 6 am because of a loud bang. the transformer about 15 meters away from my window went kaboom. my heart was pounding as i sat up in bed, thinking fire! the voltage dropped but my fan was still weakly turning.

had no choice. i got up despite promising myself that i'll get up mid morning. i looked out the window and i stared in fascination as i watched the current run up and down a tree branch that had somehow rested on the electric wires. the current was making a noise similar to that made by a light saber swishing through the air. ang galing.

i joined my neighbors in the parking area and watched as some firemen arrived. i stared in incredulous silence as they tried to put out an electric fire with water! of course the thing kept on blazing. the fire grew and crawled down the live tree. still they sprayed. after a while the water ran out and the tree was still ablaze.

i figured sooner or later the wire was going to break and the rain will put out the fire creeping up and down the tree. the wire did break and the fire was put out but i didn't have current anymore.

got out the perishables from the ref, cooked them all and went back to bed.

sent up a small thank you that no one was harmed. but after all was said and done all i could think about was "that was really really cool."

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