Friday, December 31, 2004

Saturday, December 25, 2004

merry christmas all


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i do

yesterday i attended a friend's wedding. drove all the way to alabang, and suffered through an hour of traffic just to get through the filinvest exit.

missed the first part but i was there during the "i dos." the bride was crying, and i felt like crying myself. mainly because she was crying because she was so happy, and partly because i was sad.

i had always thought i'd be married with kids by this time. it was a plan i recall voicing out in our play production class in high school. when asked how we saw ourselves 10 years from that day, i said i would be married with a kid or two.

alas, it's been over 12 years since that day, and here i am with a relationship here and there that will never really end with happily ever after.

so when did the plan go awry?

i don't know.

times like these.... (cue in: you need a juicy...) i end up wondering what's in store.

and hoping and wishing that the past had turned out differently.

but then again, i have few or no regrets. i like who i am right now, and i guess that's the most important of all.

hmmm. maybe somebody will like who i am right now too, and i'll end up liking him too.

(santa, you listenin?)

i am an insensitive ass

tuesday, at the office.

her: leave ako next week.
me: bakit?
her: namatay lolo ko kaninang madaling araw.
me: (laughing) SI FPJ????
her: hindi, namatay talaga lolo ko.
me: ah... eh.... ah...

playing teacher

last week i started training the new hires for the project. there are seven of them and i'm thankful they're quick studies.

this would be a first for me. the only experience i have ever had which involved me training people was during my law school days when i had to teach basic volleyball to my team mates, and a short stint getting somebody's team ready for a game.

volleyball is easy. the basics are there, and most of the time, the players have the necessary skill and mind set. thus, even if i can only teach them so much (i was never great at volleyball. zero focus and disclipline), i had something to work with, and so did they.

the training i'm handling now is a different matter. if they cannot grasp the concept, i have to come up with ways and means to make sure they get it. they had already hurdled the first obstacle - getting hired. so it would be up to me to get them through the next step.

it's exhausting, and most of the time i feel like i'm grasping at straws, trying to make myself understood. hindi kasi ako teacher talaga. what may sound perfectly logical to me may sound greek to them. plus, i never really had training myself. i am merely teaching them what i learned along the way,

it's been 5 days since they started training. so far there's been progress, and i'm proud of them. i call them my kids, though some are older than i.

i only hope i don't let them down. and vice versa.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

this is what happens when you have unlimited internet access

"out of 71539 people the average score was 61%."

well.... otay.

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pushing the envelope

it's been months since i've posted anything even half-way decent. mainly because my laptop is busted, and the computer in the office is used by everybody. i don't particularly appreciate someone reading over my shoulder while i rant and rave.

what's more, it's been an exhausting month. yesterday marked the first month since i started working again. back at the same company with a different job description. i get to pass on my meager knowledge. :) i train the newbies. hmmmm. actually that's the small part of my job. my jd says "and such other matters" under the things i'm supposed to do.

the such other matters part eats up most of my time. and my energy. been working 12 hour shifts for the past week, and the drive home zaps the little energy i have left.

i hardly have time to read, and no time at all to write. :(

i'm beginning to feel stupid. and awfully ugly because of the dark circles under my eyes.

must. read. again. but. first. must. sleep.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

you know who you are

"i said to you the one gift which i'd adore
unwrap a package of the next ten years unfolding

-language or the kiss, indigo girls

Thursday, December 09, 2004

happy birthday daddy

went home yesterday afternoon to celebrate my dad's birthday. unfortunately, by the time i got to baguio, the party was over, there was no food left, my mom was asleep, and my dad was happily drunk with some of his friends.

still, had dinner, chatted with my sisters some, and enjoyed the baguio air for 2 hours. then back to manila because of work. so there.

sabi nga ng ate ko: "ano'ng ginawa mo dito? umihi ka lang?"


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

(this is me with my mouth open in an impossible smile with right hand waving, wrist wrist, elbow elbow.)

our department had its christmas party last night. lewd games involving bananas, food and more food, and an awards segment. i got voted........(drum roll please) FEMALE STAR OF THE NIGHT!

yes, ladies and gentlemen. although for the life of me i could not figure out why.

i got a nice martini glass though.

good night, all in all.

Friday, December 03, 2004

sigh of relief

last night i drove home from work and it took me three hours to get there. mainly because it was raining and people were sent home from makati sometime around 4 pm.

i didn't mind the drive. i wasn't really worried about the storm. at least not for myself. i knew we would be safe in the apartment.

what really got me worried was that the path the storm was going to take would be the same path of the previous 3 storms. now how bad is that? you don't have to be a genius to deduce that another storm passing through already wrecked provinces would be too much already.

but then when i woke up this morning i found out that the storm had lessened considerably, and that the signals had been lifted. WHEW.

of course i found out i had to go to work. but then that is definitely a teeny teeny price to pay.

thanks to the Big Guy Up There.

see mrt

me in traffic: see mrt parked. see mrt start. see mrt pick up speed. bye mrt. :(