Friday, December 03, 2004

sigh of relief

last night i drove home from work and it took me three hours to get there. mainly because it was raining and people were sent home from makati sometime around 4 pm.

i didn't mind the drive. i wasn't really worried about the storm. at least not for myself. i knew we would be safe in the apartment.

what really got me worried was that the path the storm was going to take would be the same path of the previous 3 storms. now how bad is that? you don't have to be a genius to deduce that another storm passing through already wrecked provinces would be too much already.

but then when i woke up this morning i found out that the storm had lessened considerably, and that the signals had been lifted. WHEW.

of course i found out i had to go to work. but then that is definitely a teeny teeny price to pay.

thanks to the Big Guy Up There.

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