Saturday, December 18, 2004

pushing the envelope

it's been months since i've posted anything even half-way decent. mainly because my laptop is busted, and the computer in the office is used by everybody. i don't particularly appreciate someone reading over my shoulder while i rant and rave.

what's more, it's been an exhausting month. yesterday marked the first month since i started working again. back at the same company with a different job description. i get to pass on my meager knowledge. :) i train the newbies. hmmmm. actually that's the small part of my job. my jd says "and such other matters" under the things i'm supposed to do.

the such other matters part eats up most of my time. and my energy. been working 12 hour shifts for the past week, and the drive home zaps the little energy i have left.

i hardly have time to read, and no time at all to write. :(

i'm beginning to feel stupid. and awfully ugly because of the dark circles under my eyes.

must. read. again. but. first. must. sleep.

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