Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i do

yesterday i attended a friend's wedding. drove all the way to alabang, and suffered through an hour of traffic just to get through the filinvest exit.

missed the first part but i was there during the "i dos." the bride was crying, and i felt like crying myself. mainly because she was crying because she was so happy, and partly because i was sad.

i had always thought i'd be married with kids by this time. it was a plan i recall voicing out in our play production class in high school. when asked how we saw ourselves 10 years from that day, i said i would be married with a kid or two.

alas, it's been over 12 years since that day, and here i am with a relationship here and there that will never really end with happily ever after.

so when did the plan go awry?

i don't know.

times like these.... (cue in: you need a juicy...) i end up wondering what's in store.

and hoping and wishing that the past had turned out differently.

but then again, i have few or no regrets. i like who i am right now, and i guess that's the most important of all.

hmmm. maybe somebody will like who i am right now too, and i'll end up liking him too.

(santa, you listenin?)


  1. you need a joseprotgam?

    happy holidays smsrtf!!!!

  2. Maligayang pasko Jessie! :)