Friday, November 05, 2004


as a reward for doing his kumon homework, i brought my 8 year old nephew carlo to the mall. i made him choose between buying film for his camera, or buying a toy. he chose the toy.

off we went to toy kingdom. he headed straight for the cars. i was a little surprised that he chose a sedan type car which cost less than a hundred bucks. but i wasn't about to complain. :)

he asked for fries so we ended up in mcdonald's. i was pleasantly surprised to find that twister fries are back! so i got twister fries for carlo and a cup of milo for me.

over fries we had this conversation:

carlo: tignan mo tong car ko, kakulay ni bogart o. (bogart is my box-type lancer. navy blue)
me: oo nga ano? pareho silang blue.
carlo: tita, ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng bogart?
me: wala. pangalan lang sya nung car.
carlo: hindi, yung bogart yung nasa loob ng ilong (while pretending to put something into his nose.)
me: (syempre gulat!) HINDEH! BOOGER YUN!
carlo: ah.

after which he went back to eating his fries.

toy car: P79.75
fries and milo: 64.00
booger conversation: priceless.

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  1. hahaha! Oo nga, pricelesss nga mga moments na ganyan. Miss ko tuloy mga pamangkin ko.

    Hey Jessie, thanks for visiting my site and for the comment you left. My honor if you link me. Kaya lang baka ma-disappoint ka lang. Technically kasi, on hiatus pa rin ako, may pinagkakaabalahan lang. Pero siyempre, di ko naman mapalagpas magblog about the trip, once in a lifetime lang yun e. Pero ngayong tapos na siya, baka hindi na naman ako makapag-update regularly.

    Pag naharap ni fafa Jay, link din kita ha. Thanks. :)