Tuesday, November 09, 2004

it's inhuman

brought carlo to school this morning. there i was, blurry-eyed from sleep, with my hair standing on end (not really. my hair never stands on end), negotiating the early morning traffic a little after 7.

i suddenly remembered how it was when we were in grade school. back then there was no traffic to speak of but our school was a full 25 minutes away from the house. our classes started at 7:15.

it was hell trying to wake up in the morning. specially during the months from september to february. the fog would come in, the sun would be hiding, and it was always so very cold. when i think about it i realize that it was like some sort of punishment. these days i find it difficult to get up early -- and that's in manila. what more for these kids?

but then again they're probably used to waking up really early for school. and sleeping early to boot. all i know is that carlo was all perky by the time i woke up. although i seem to recall my sister insisting that he wake up already or he'll be late for school..

oh well. i'm glad i'm not back in grade school. but now i'm wishing i was back in high school. sigh.

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