Thursday, November 11, 2004


i entered up diliman as a geodetic engineering freshman. geodetic engineering. my block was D7, which included students from the other engineering fields.

natural, dahil freshman ako, tatanga-tanga. i met a couple of girls, kathy and cora. they were nice to me, told me what to do with my classcard, and basically helped me along. kasi absent ako nung first day.

then they introduced me to emman. mataray si emman, mga kapatid. i never thought we'd be friends. feeling niya, di daw ako ma-reach. feeling ko pag kasama ko sya, ang tanga tanga ko. particularly in math. (oo, ibinagsak ko ang math)

anyways, we became friends. (or i'd like to think so) hehehe. over the years we've seen each other about 3 times a year. he comes to my birthdays, and roasts my friends to everyone's delight.

today is his birthday. happy birthday emman.

alam mo, mas masaya ang buhay kasi anjan ka. :D


  1. maraming salamat. i'm tetchd. ikaw naman, at ang iyong mga kapatid will remain as one of the most beautiful and crazy people i know. and again, hindi ako mataray. ;-)

  2. mataray ka. endearingly so. :) nakita ko yung time ng post ko. 11:11. aliw. november 11, 11:11. :D

  3. oo nga ano. ang galing. :D