Monday, November 29, 2004

why people should not stay on roof decks in ayala if they plan to do some hanky panky

was blog-hopping when i came across this post by ursula_lear.

18 nov 2004 @ 15:32 Sight for Sore Eyes
Work stoppage at the factory as we all pausing to watch guy-on-guy action on the roof deck poolside across our nice tall building. Comes with deck chair and swim trunks as props. La! I'd take a picture but my phone doesn't zoom. Creepers, it's happening right now.

10 mins later.

Still happening.

we happen to work in the same place. and yes i saw this. we had binoculars. but the person under was wearing a towel over the head. tsk. no wonder the guy on top had his back to the other guy. I THOUGHT IT WAS A GURL. stupid me.

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