Friday, July 16, 2004


i have joined the ranks of the unemployed (again).
it's tough, knowing i have to study again, and knowing i'm going to have to cut down on my expenses. which means no going to bookstores for the next 3 months at least. i have decided to just live on my savings because i don't want to burden my parents again.
it's just as well that i'm the type who would rather cook than eat out. i'm not a shopping person either. i just like to go get books. since i've been going on a book buying rampage, i think i still have books to tide me over till october.
i just hope i was able to save enough. but hey, now is the time to find out how creative i can be when i have no more cash in my pocket. maybe i'll just submit my stories and see which one gets published (tricky, since most of my stories are either morbid or horribly sad).
so there. good luck to me. :)

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