Wednesday, July 28, 2004

double bummer

called up hp and found out that they don't support my notebook model. which means that if i have it serviced there, it will only be under best efforts because they have to outsource it. and get this - it will cost a minimum of P25,000.00. newsflash: JOBLESS.

hate this. i hate having to borrow a computer just so i can check mail. i hate not being able to access the data in my computer. i hate it that i can only use my laptop now as a cd player.

of course i could hook it up to the tv again. but then it would probably kill my already highly myopic eyes because the tv is old and is not a very good monitor. i'll probably end up spending more just to have my eyes fixed.

a couple of friends suggested that i go buy myself a flat screen tv and just use the laptop as a desktop. the idea is becoming more attractive by the day.

i should stop complaining no? study na ko.

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