Monday, July 19, 2004

how to get out of getting a ticket

my sister and her friend went to dagupan.  they got hailed by a traffic enforcer because the girl driving wasn't wearing a seatbelt. here's what transpired:
driver: ano'ng offense namin?
traffic guy: ma'am wala kasi kayong seatbelt eh.
driver: (getting ready to make an escuse) kasi manong...
traffic  guy: buti pa yung buntis naka seatbelt (referring to my sister)
my sister: (flaring up, naturally) HINDI AKO BUNTIS! ANG OFFENSE MO, MASYADO KANG ASSUMING!
traffic guy: ah.... eh....
to make the long story short, they didn't get a ticket. but my sister was ready to kill. hehehe. moral of the story: lose that stomach!


  1. "hindi ako buntis" - hahahaha!

  2. Anonymous8:24 PM

    salamat mahal kong kapatid....huling balita eh nag eclampsia saw akis....whatever dat means noh.....syet