Thursday, December 02, 2010

a loooooong day.

yesterday was a hectic day for me. had a hearing at 830 that was supposed to have ended by 10, and i was going to go home, take my sweet ass time, and then head to the bus station for the 1115 trip.

made it to court in time, only to find out that my case was the 13th case in the calendar, which meant i would have to wait for several cases to finish. i waited patiently and told my client to just relax, not panic and have some tissue on hand because she might be a bit teary eyed.

goes to show what i know. teary eyed my foot. my witness had a total breakdown. all the questions i had went out the window and i had to wing it. it left me drained, i tell you.

to top it all my hearing finished at 5 minutes to 11. i rushed home, grabbed my bag, and walked to the bus terminal. i left my water bottle somewhere. i found out my bus was now a non-stop bus, which meant i wouldn't get the chance to have lunch.

but all's well that ends well. made it (though i was late) to the wiloci dinner, heard the best speech i've heard in years, had loads of fun, and made it back home in time to catch the people having dinner.

a long day, but i felt that i accomplished stuff. it's all good. my sister's home, the babies are all here, everything else fades.

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